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One a Day, Weeks 48-51

Just a week and a half left of the year.  I've really loved this project.  I've forgotten about 3 days each month and some days I've just grabbed my camera and taken a lame shot just so I don't miss the day, but I've also captured some very sweet moments that I wouldn't have otherwise, and some of my kids who don't like being photographed have allowed me to when I've said, "But I need it for my One-a-Day!"  So, all told, it's a win.

The world around here kind of revolves around little Benji, as you can see in the pictures that follow.

Worth a Look: Star Wars Edition

I haven't seen the movie yet and probably won't until it comes to Redbox.  It sounds good, but given a choice between going with my family to see it next week and having a few quiet hours alone, I choose the latter.  And by alone, yes, I do mean alone in the sense that I will be at home with the three youngest kids.  What does "alone" mean to you?

It's been fun to see the spoofs coming through.  Here's a few I loved:

Star Wars as Told in Ken Burns Style

And of course, Studio C's been doing these for months.  My three favorites:

Worth a Look

Cracked me Up:*  If Parenting Were a Broadway Show

Lovely Message:

Lovely music: This year has seen an explosion of beautiful music to celebrate the season.  Here are a few I've loved:

And just in case you've lost track of ALL the great Christmas music I've been sharing, here's a playlist you can listen to while you search Amazon for last-minute Christmas Presents.  You're welcome.

And if you have a little over an hour, this devotional ought to put you in the Christmas Spirit.  Plus the Motab starts out by singing Handel.  :)

A Photographer's Journey to Maui (with husband, 11-year-old, and baby in tow)

It's been a month since I came home from this lovely place and I'm still thrilled when I look at all the photos and remember drinking in the beautiful sights of Maui.  Now that you've heard Allison's highlights, I'm sure you want to hear all about the trip from my perspective, right?

I so enjoyed this lovely island.  I've now been to Oahu, Kauai, and Maui, and while I think Kauai is my favorite, Maui had the best of everything Hawaii has to offer -- great snorkeling, beautiful hikes, beaches, and waterfalls, delicious food, and stunning drives -- as well as some unique things, like Mount Haleakala.

SundayWe took a flight to Seattle first.  Allison was so thrilled by her first plane ride.  She loved the feeling of take off and even cried out "wheee!" Sitting in front of us was Tom Rollins, a pilot, who gave Allison some wings on a pin and talked to her a bit about flying.  It turned out he was going to be flying our plane from Maui to Hawaii, so he said…