Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One a Day, Weeks Eighteen, Nineteen, and Twenty

Michael making his favorite meal, lasagne

First track meet for these girls

Katie with her friend Maggie.  Maggie's mom watched my girls for a day so I could go to the BYU Women's Conference, then I returned the favor the next day.

Provo City 5K

Happy 5th Birthday to Katie

Planting our garden

"I got to meet the furry guy!  See him, he's right here!"

After a winter of drought, two weeks of welcome rain

Payson Temple Open House

Allison and Sarah's early birthday party

Harmony's early birthday party

My Mother's Day present to myself -- a photo of my favorite kids

Using my macro lens designed for crop-sensored cameras on my full frame gives some fun effects.

Fun Tumbling Tots class for Katie and Cami

Stories and gogurts on the lawn

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