Monday, September 28, 2015

Blood Moon & Fall Photos

My parents were in town for Benjamin's baby blessing yesterday (more on that later), so last night, we headed up the Alpine Loop to enjoy the fall colors at sunset and then watch the moon rise.  While supermoons are fairly common, and blood moons also happen regularly, last night they happened on the same night.  The best part about it is that in our neck of the woods, moon rise was about 7:15 and the eclipse peaked at 8:45, so no one had to stay up too late to enjoy it.

There was a party atmosphere happening at the overlook we chose, with dozens of people and families set up to watch.  It reminded me of watching Hailey's comet when I was a little girl.

Here's a progression of the eclipse:

This was my favorite photo of the bunch.

Just as pretty as the moon, though, was the drive through the mountains.  I love that with just a twenty minute drive from my house, I can be in the mountains and headed towards views like this:

Here a short video that explains more about the supermoon/blood moon combination.  It will be 18 years before it happens again.

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