Thursday, May 14, 2015

May, the Busiest Month

It's May, which means that virtually every night consists of one event or another -- track meets or practices, orchestra concerts, and various other events.  Add in getting our yard looking decent for spring (which hasn't completely happened yet -- just ask our neighbors), planting our garden (it's shady, so we stick mostly to tomatoes), three birthdays, an anniversary, and the brilliant idea I had to celebrate all of our summer birthdays last Saturday, and I've been a bit squeezed for time.  My Tuesday blogging time has disappeared, it seems.

So, here's a quick run-down on some happy events in our family.


In the midst of all of this, one of my favorite people is getting married and I get the privilege of doing the photos.  We met on Tuesday night for pictures, since the forecast claimed it would be one of the few clear days in what has been a rainy few weeks.  It wasn't.  It was stormy, with gusts of wind and a bit of rain.  But we adjusted and got some lovely photos.

We started in my backyard.

Then snuck (with permission) into my neighbor's stunning yard.

before heading to BYU campus.  We waited out a bit of the storm by getting some photos inside the new life science building, then enjoyed the gardens and waterfalls nearby.

I love playing with fun techniques -- see that silky smooth water?  All it takes is subjects that hold still, a super steady hand, and a very slow shutter speed.  

I'm so excited to see these two married next month!

In other news, my husband came in 3rd in his age group in the Provo City 5K.  He ran it with Allison and Lillian, who also finished strong.  Allison was first of the five in her age group, and Lillian was second of the five in her age group.  I'm slightly jealous, both of their speed and also of their ability to get out and run.  I've stopped running (again).  The discomfort and contractions even when I was just shuffling just got too much, and now I feel a restlessness.  Just two more months and I won't be carrying this big belly around anymore!

These girls high-fived everyone while we waited for our family to pass by.  The half marathon was going on at the same time, so it was fun to watch the exhausted runners light up when they saw these girls cheering them on.

We've also had Allison, Sarah, and Eliza running track.  Allison's been running a few miles at a time all winter and has a ton of stamina and heart.  At her first track meet, she took first place in her age group in the 1600, the 800, and the 400.  She was so thrilled!

Finishing FIRST in the 400.

Planting our Garden:

Three Birthday Parties in Two Days:
Michael, who turned 13, decided he didn't want a party.  Katie, who turned 5, did, as did Harmony (turning 7 this summer) and Allison and Sarah (turning 11).  I bought some face painting crayons for the little girls' parties and decided I'm not half-bad at it, for an amateur.

Mother's Day Photo
A few years ago, I decided that the only way I'd get my kids to agree to sit for a picture for me was if I asked them to do it for a Mother's Day gift.  I took the photo on Mother's Day that year, then had it printed on canvas for my husband's Father's Day gift.  We missed last year (I think the weather was crazy so we put it off then forgot about it), but I got a good one this year!
Soon to be joined by one more boy!

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