Friday, May 15, 2015

Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)

Payson Temple:

We loved our visit to the Payson Utah temple Open House last week (sans Lillian, who was at a leadership conference that day) with Grandma and Grandpa Bartholomew.  If you're local, be sure and get your tickets soon -- they are doing the open house until May 23.  

To learn more about why members of my faith build and worship in temples, you can visit here.


I want to try these recipes.

This is stunning:

On Current Events/Culture:

"It’s the single best argument I’ve read, not because it’s new or innovative, but because it’s the most concise expression of all the key points that so many of the same-sex marriage opponents have been focusing on. It begins:
If marriage is a real thing, then before we can decide what the rules of eligibility are, we have to know what it is–what marriage is. We want our marriage law to deal with real marriage, in the same way that, say, our criminal law deals with “real” crime, and not just anything the government wants to call crime.
This is a deft analogy. We all recognize that, technically, whatever the government decides to make criminal is a crime. But we all generally recognize that this technical definition misses something deeper. To the extent that the criminal code is arbitrary, it loses it’s moral force and we stop seeing it as a “real” crime. And so the question becomes: what lurks behind marriage that makes it something worthy recognizing in the first place? "
This article references a lot of other interesting and well-worth-the-read-links.  Check it out.
Utah has a great network of photographers and many of them are super nice.  I'm always looking to improve my skills and this is a great community to be involved with.  I've been to a good number of wonderful workshops at the Utah Valley Co-op.  I was disappointed to miss a recent presentation by Scott Stringham on Storm Photography.  Luckily, they have posted it on Youtube, so I can view it (as can you)

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