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One a Day: August 2016

Catching up on my one-a-day postings, one month at a time. August was awesome!

Catching my Breath

I keep thinking that after whatever the current Big Deal in my life passes, I'll have time to catch my breath, catch up my blog, fit in all my goals, and all my dreams will come true.  Well, maybe not that last one, but I do always seem to underestimate how much time and energy things take.  Life continues to be busy, wonderful, and full to the brim.  It's a good full, and a happy full, and I feel blessed that so many of the things that take my time and attention are things I have gladly chosen to do and care for.

In September, I got a new assignment, or what we call callings, in my ward.  For three years, I taught once a month in Relief Society, with the adult women in our ward.  Now, I get to teach Gospel Doctrine, rotating with two other teachers and teaching right from the scriptures.  It's been a great experience.  During one of my lessons, I asked class members to share what some of their trials and challenges are.  One of my older neighbors, who is a bit of a tease, …