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Day at the Pumpkin Patch (Wordless Wednesday)

with Harmony & Eliza's preschool field trip and our friend Mindy

Don't you love the furrowed brow?

Hang in there (Wordless Wednesday)

It's worth it!

I'm loving it!

Thanks to Chalice Leaman (of Mesa AZ) for the great family photos -- it's no small feat getting ten people to look nice (my job) or look at the camera all at the same time (hers). I think between the both of us, we did all right.

Three Years Old (Wordless Wednesday)

I took Harmony out for a quick photo shoot the other day. I was so pleased with how these captured her personality! By the way, I still have a few spaces available if you are looking for family photos this fall -- my schedule is here.

Mothering Milestones that Change your Life: Kids in School

A friend of mine with two young toddlers told me after seeing my schedule that she is much more determined to be organized and is working on a similar schedule for herself.

Rather than be encouraging in her quest, I wanted to cry out, "No! You're at a completely different stage of life than I'm in. Enjoy it!" I wish I could have taken the time to sit down with her and explain that right now, she's at a unique stage in life. There are no school bells and very few activities demanding she be somewhere at a certain time. Without that structure, she's free to create her own schedule completely around the needs of her little ones and her own desires. It doesn't matter so much if grocery shopping gets put off a day or two while she spends a few days working on a huge project. The dishes can wait a little bit while she read stories to children. If the weather is nice, it's wonderful to be able to take a walk and let the kids romp at the park without wo…

Overpopulation Myths (Friday Favorites)

I think these videos are very well done, and if you go to the site that produces them, they back up all their statements with research and facts.

Some other interesting articles about the troubles with declining birthrates around the world, along with a few telling quotes:

Where Have All the Children Gone? Number of Children Declining Across the Country
This article includes these facts:
* According to the 2010 Census, "95 percent of U.S. counties have fewer children today than they did in 2000."
*"It's more common to have a dog (43 million homes) than a child under 18 (38 million)."

Low Birth Rate Has Economic Consequences
* "With above replacement fertility for 150 years, many programs were instituted that worked well in growing populations, including pay-as-you-go Social Security and Medicare, he said. “Basically both of these systems tax the young to pay for the old,” Becker said. “But it’s getting harder and harder to do that. For example, Japan is fac…

Q&A Thursday: Dining Table

Today's Question comes from Sarah:
Where did you get your dining room table? I have been on a quest for a few years for a table that is real wood, light colored (I'm woefully out of fashion right now apparently), can seat 6 daily and easily expand to seat 10, have pedestals and rounded edges (I imagine I can seat even more than if the corners were squared and had legs) be able to take the lumps and bumps of kids and is affordable. Yours seems to fit that bill.
We bought our table at a store called Oak Plus about ten years ago. It has since gone out of business in our area. Our table has two leaves, the great pedestals, and we can seat up to ten people when necessary. Eight fits quite comfortably, but since we have nine seated at the table (Katie's in a high chair nearby) now, it's getting a bit cramped.

And Sarah, I feel your pain in your quest, because we are on a similar quest to find a new table ourselves. We love the brightness of our maple kitchen (when we…

Beautiful Fall (Wordless Wednesday)

Someday, I might take more time for nature photography:

But for now, I get more excited about the WILD LIFE I enjoy every day:

Weekend Thoughts

(Sarah's paper dolls from her activity packet)

I've decided General Conference is like a well-attended baby shower. You get so many exciting gifts that it's hard to keep track of them all. It isn't until you take them home, examine them one by one, and decide where they fit into your life and home that you really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gifts and how helpful they will be.

This past weekend, we listened to eight hours of speakers and lovely music. Eight hours is a lot of time to dedicate to listening and learning, particularly when you have eight kids, but to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this is an important weekend that comes twice year. We believe our Church is a modern restoration of Christ's Church, and that includes having prophets and apostles on the earth today -- we believe that our leaders are not just inspired, not just generally good, but that they have the same calling and authority as prophets did anciently.…