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Worth a Look: Olympics, The Dance of Doing all the things, Wrestling, and Never Trust a Map

The Olympics
*  Need a laugh?

* And speaking of race walking, 10 of the Strangest Events at the 2016 Olympics

On Motherhood: * I love this!  Turn Around:
""You can't think of what you need to accomplish as a list," my mom told me. "It's a circle."
When you're too close to what's happening, it feels like that circle is really a whirlpool. Your days leave you feeling dizzy.
But step back--way back, tired mama--and what you see is a dance.

It's a beautiful dance of nurturing, growing, and loving, this thing we call motherhood. It's maddening and wonderful at the same time."
*  Life Saving Tips for the Mother of a Big Family.  I agree with most of these, especially #17:  And about those mom systems.
You will encounter dozens of mom systems (chore charts, reward systems, schedules) that seem like The Answer. Please remember every system requires a system manager. The system only works because the manager is managing. No system works on its…

One a Day, Weeks 26-30

Our summer break is nearly over.  DH has taken our older kids on a Daddy Trip to California.  I finally sorted all the mail, added all the back to school stuff to my calendar, got some scheduling changes made for two of the middle schooler's, worked on setting some fall goals and setting up a routine and making assignments, and now I sit down to spend a bit of time on this neglected blog.
This year will the last year with all of my kids living under one roof.  It's hitting me a little hard to realize how fast the years pass but how slow the days.  I'm grateful for the chance I have to document in words and photos the beautiful, crazy, intense, relaxed, playful, hard work of it all.