Friday, August 12, 2016

Worth a Look: Olympics, The Dance of Doing all the things, Wrestling, and Never Trust a Map

The Olympics

*  Need a laugh?

* And speaking of race walking, 10 of the Strangest Events at the 2016 Olympics

On Motherhood:

* I love this!  Turn Around:

""You can't think of what you need to accomplish as a list," my mom told me. "It's a circle."
When you're too close to what's happening, it feels like that circle is really a whirlpool. Your days leave you feeling dizzy.
But step back--way back, tired mama--and what you see is a dance.

It's a beautiful dance of nurturing, growing, and loving, this thing we call motherhood. It's maddening and wonderful at the same time."
*  Life Saving Tips for the Mother of a Big Family.  I agree with most of these, especially #17: 
And about those mom systems.
You will encounter dozens of mom systems (chore charts, reward systems, schedules) that seem like The Answer. Please remember every system requires a system manager. The system only works because the manager is managing. No system works on its own.

On Politics:

A bit of humor in what is definitely not a funny presidential race this year.


* Never Trust a Map! (from my sister-in-law, who always posts mind-boggling things on Facebook)


My Deceased Son's Answer to What It's All About.

Will You Engage in The Wrestle?  Loved this devotional by Sheri Dew, CEO of Deseret Book.

Champion wrestlers tell me that it isn't necessarily the strongest wrestler who wins. It is the wrestler who knows how to leverage his strength to overpower his opponent. Spiritual wrestling leverages the strength of true doctrine to overpower our weaknesses, our wavering faith, and our lack of knowledge. Spiritual wrestlers are seekers. They are men and women of faith who want to understand more than they presently do and who are serious about increasing the light and knowledge in their lives.  
Seekers have certain habits that are key to learning to communicate with God. For starters, they engage in the wrestle, meaning they work at it. They immerse themselves regularly in the scriptures, because the scriptures are the textbook for the Lord's language. They also work to be increasingly pure-pure in their heart and thoughts, pure in what they say, watch, read, and listen to. Purity invites the Spirit. And then, pure seekers listen. One of my former institute students periodically turns everything electronic off. TV off. Music off. Phone off. Computer off. She says, "I like to let the Lord know I'm listening."
As you cultivate these spiritual habits, there are two questions that will help open the heavens. First, ask the Lord to teach you what it feels and sounds like for you when He is speaking to you via the Holy Ghost, and then watch how He tutors you. And, second, if you've never asked the Lord how He feels about you, that is a great question to ask. In time, He will tell you, and as He does, you'll learn more about speaking His language. 
When the Lord sees that you want to communicate with Him, He will teach you how.          

* My husband spent two years in Brazil as a missionary (it was helpful to have him around to translate some of the culture -- especially the Oopah Loompahs -- at the Olympic opening ceremonies).

This story is especially meaningful to me, given his service:

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