Friday, September 11, 2015

Worth a Look

*  Why Buying Organic is a Waste of Money
"In 2010, a study found that some organic pesticides can actually have a worse environmental impacts than conventional ones. Plus, a recent study found that because organic agriculture is now done mostly en masse by big corporations (what’s known dismissively by advocates as “Walmart organic”), the lower yields combined with the use of heavy machinery means it actually releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than conventional farming."
*  Why Plenty of Psychology Studies are Crap  

*  I'm conflicted about the Kim Davis case.  On the one hand, I personally would probably not feel that issuing a license violated my religious beliefs, even though I firmly believe that a marriage is between a man and a woman.  Render unto Ceasar and all that.  On the other, if I only believed in religious freedom for things that I personally believe, then religious freedom loses all meaning.  One thing that isn't widely reported in the media is that one of Kim Davis' objections is that her name appears on the marriage license.  Her lawyer asked for accommodation, that the state issue the license instead or that her name not appear on it.  Sounds like a reasonable accommodation to me.  Instead, she was put in jail.  This article had some very thoughtful analysis.  This kind of clash between religious freedom and the secular rights demanded by various groups is going to continue -- here is an excellent message on this topic.

* Do you or someone you know suffer from addiction?  This new series of videos is designed to help.  Each features the true story of a person who has also struggled and how they found relief.  I haven't watched them all, but I have friends who have used this free program and recommend it highly.

* In Photography this week, I really liked this article:  The Myth of the Rule of Thirds

*  And Best Overall Photo and winner of $500 is yours truly with this gem:


kms said...

The certificate simply certified the document came from the office and is legit. That the legal requirements are met. Not that she thinks the people should marry. She swore to follow the US constitution. It wasn't just that she didn't want to participate. She instructed her staff not to participate and that was the violation of the judge and that is why she was in contempt. When you violate a judge's order you sit in a cell. She could have kept her job and not done the part of the job that is distasteful to her, wait on any couple wanting a license. There were staff in the office able to do such a thing. That is the accommodation. Now because of this woman when a real test comes up it will seem less sincere, like a clergy member being asked to perform a ceremony. She was not the person to rally behind. I have a suspicion she was being manipulated for another's gain this entire time.

Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Congratulations on your photography honor!!!


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