Friday, February 19, 2016

Worth a Look ~ Giving potatoes to your enemies, three magic words, and a possible secret to longer life

On Changing Your Perspective:

Three Magic Words to Overcome Overwhelm I might have shared this before, but came across it again and I love the attitude adjustment.  I know that when I find myself feeling overwhelmed with the housework, if I set the timer for ten minutes and get to work, I get the momentum to work until it's finished.  I also have found that just starting a good BYU Devotional or a podcast while I start my work keeps me motivated to work the entire time it lasts.

And via my friend Carrie, the thing in your head that might change everything.  I needed this one, particularly since Benji's sleeping habits have been so poor the last few months.

On the Health Effects of Having a Lot of Kids:

More kids, Longer Life?  (I found similar things when I researched this topic a few years ago).

And absolutely Inspiring:

An Amazing Man:

The Dutch Potato Project (I LOVED this -- get a tissue handy):


The Provo City Center Temple on a snowy day last month.  I was able to tour it last week for the open house.  The Open House goes on until March 20th, so be sure and visit if you can.  It's such a beautiful building with a powerful, peaceful spirit.

Here's the story of the building:

And have you heard the story of this painting that survived the fire?  Amazing!

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swedemom said...

I loved the first two articles you linked too. I've been setting a timer lately for 15 minutes and trying to get as much done as possible--especially when it involves the dishes.

Thanks for sharing. Since I'm on a FB fast, I'm not seeing articles that interest me--mostly because I'm not on the internet all day. ;)


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