Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Few Videos

In Which Michael Describes his Horrible Fate at Disneyland:

At California Adventure this week, DH took the kids on the Grizzly River Rapids. At one point on the ride, there is a geyser that soaks the whole boat. The geyser goes off randomly most of the time, except when enterprising young souls pay a quarter to time it just right. When DH and the kids got to that point, Lillian and Joey called out to the boys on the pier to turn on the geyser. They did, soaking everyone thoroughly. Everyone thought it was great fun, except Michael, who went into a tirade afterwards. He calmed down a bit later as they enjoyed lots of other rides, and even returned to watch and laugh at other boats getting soaked!

In Which Allison & Sarah try to Change the Subject:

I tried to get Allison & Sarah to admit their fear of the bathtub, but Allison would have none of it, changing the subject. (for background, see this post)

In Which Eliza is Cute

Nothing special here, except that my mom in Switzerland hasn't seen Eliza in nearly a year and might enjoy seeing how cute she is! Joey & Lillian fight over whose turn it is to take Eliza on the trike; they both adore her and want to give her a fun time.

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