Wednesday, September 20, 2017

One a Day: July 2017

Happy Birthday to my 13-year-olds!

Our favorite neighbors right before we took a picture of 65 of their 78(?) family members

Happy Birthday Benji!

Yes, the pig is indeed purple.

These three took off in the woods for a 3 day trip all by themselves.  They survived.

Swim meet

Watermelon eating contest at the 24th of July small town celebration we attended

Summer thunderstorm

Visit from my parents

Happy Birthday to DH!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

One a Day: June 2017


New short haircut on me.

Making blankets to donate

Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum

Sarah and I made the skirt and bonnet for her trek

These three girls enjoyed the Parade of Homes with me.

More quail this year than we've seen in a while

Allison nursed this orchid back to health and to our surprise, a few months later, it bloomed!  It is still in bloom in August, so the blooms last FOREVER.

Ready to head out to Wyoming for a pioneer trek

Daddy Trip time -- camping in Ely, Nevada.

My Trek project was putting this room in order.

Happy Father's Day to two great dads!

Practicing driving

A windstorm felled a big portion of one of our trees.  These girls helped me take care of it.

Ready to take to the mulch yard

Night games

Cami's first bike

New member of the family:  meet Hermoine the bunny


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