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Best Valentines Gift Ever?

So while all you other ladies were enjoying flowers & chocolates, yesterday, my husband brought home -- drumroll, please -- a piece of paper. And not just any piece of paper, the deed to our new lot! Hooray! With one day to spare, we closed on our lot & construction loan, and we're going to be building.

What I've been up to . . .

What have you been up to lately? A friend asked me recently. Well, besides chasing down lenders and builders and stressing about whether we're going to close on our financing in time, I've been chasing two little toddlers around the house, going from one mess to another. Their favorite room right now is the kitchen, where they love to play with the flour (and EVERYTHING else!). Every once in a while I forget to put the rubber band back around the door handles, or they break in, and then it's one big mess. They also like to "help" me when I'm cooking -- you can see Sarah playing with the cinnamon & sugar above.

When they aren't developing their cooking skills, they are working on becoming fashion models, dressing in Lillian's clothes when they are supposed to be taking a nap. Sarah is posing above, dressed in Lillian's nightgown.

It's finished!

It's finished! And up! For only $14.98, get the entire Grubbies CD. This includes 60 unique, fun & distressed backgrounds, of 6 different sets of 10. The individual sets are also available for $3.20 each, if you see one you just gotta grab. Happy Scrapping!

Family Update

I just had to show off this photo of the river near our house. Isn't it magical? I'm grateful to live in such a pretty place.

I realize I also need to do some updates on our family, starting with Joey, who is now insisting that we call him JOSEPH because "that's my real name." We told him we weren't sure we could remember to call him Joseph because he's been Joey so long, so he told us he would write it down for us so we could remember. Funny kid, but he's taking this whole thing very seriously. He's been able to write J-O-E-Y on papers for SO long, and now he's trying out his real name. Every time he signs into his computer game, he signs in J-O-S-E-F. And yesterday, he brought home a paper from preschool with that written across the top. The first few times he typed it in, he told me, "Mommy, I know how to spell Joseph, J O S E F!" I told him that's one way to spell it, and I honestly don't feel that much like corr…