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It's a Small World - Macro Photos for Wordless Wednesday

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I grew up in Meridian, Idaho, just outside of Boise, with three brothers and two sisters.  We had two acres and most summers, that meant we had cows in our pasture and chickens in our barn.  We had irrigation rights and every once in a while, we'd flood our pasture then then forget to turn off the flow, flooding our neighbor's pasture as well.  I don't remember what he said to my dad, but I do remember our family modifying a camp song to sing, "Irrigation, super irrigation, irrigation, it's the game we like to play.  First you flood your neighbor's yard, then he really gets so mad. Wring your neck, hurts like heck... oh-oh-oh-oh,"

It was an idyllic childhood.  :)

My parents moved into our home when I was just a few months old and still in my crying-all-the-time phase (sorry mom!).  They lived in that same house in what used to be a rural area (but is now surrounded by Kohl's, Walmart, Toys R Us, and dozens more stores) for thirty-six years.  But with …