Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pictures from the week

Just some fun pictures from the week. We went to Lagoon on Friday with a bounce-back pass and had a ton of fun, especially getting really wet on the Rapids ride. Joey & Michael had a "sleep-over" in Lillian's room one night. DH told me I needed to go in and see what was going on. I did, and found all four of the younger kids surrounded by books. "Mommy, I gave some books to the babies!" Joey told me proudly. He certainly had.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I love coming home!

Yesterday, my husband & I spent a few hours out. When we came home, Allison came running to me with a delighted grin on her face and said her second word, "Ma - ma!" Boy, did that just melt my heart. But what happened next was even better. I heard an excited shriek in the kitchen and Sarah Jane comes around the corner and also says, "Ma, ma!" Does life get any better than that?

For the record, I should mention that the first word for both of them was "kitty." But it's nice to know I rank second. =)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I've been meaning to check in with my recent workouts. Last week, Tuesday was spent pushing a stroller around the amusement park, so I think that counts. Then Friday night was a walk with the twins in the double stroller for 30 minutes, and Saturday night was a double stroller walk for 1 hour.

Yesterday I did 2 hours of yard work, including mowing the lawn.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

New Layout

Here's a cute layout of Sarah & Allison I finished tonight. They were so cute playing at the park. Lillian has decided she loves taking pictures, so she took the ones of me with the girls.

A Quilter's Dream and Update

Well, here it is; my new quilting kit. It's so big I couldn't even fit everything in the preview. This one's in honor of my mother, the quilter. I had so much fun making the different backgrounds, and I think I'm in love with my Sunbonnnet Sues. It will be for sale as soon as 3S gets back up and running.

Life's been busy as usual. Our family room is torn apart right now while my husband works on installing a built-in desk he's making for us (It's going to be so cool).

Yesterday, I took the kids to a Pioneer Day celebration at a local park. They had a great time, and were especially good during a concert of Celtic music. Sarah & Allison toddled around and danced to the music; it was so neat to see their joy.

I love having twins! They keep my hopping and constantly delight me with their antics. This morning, Sarah & Allison were SO tired at Church. They refused to sleep or sit still, which meant they were a little crabby and we spent a lot of time in the hall with them. At one point, our neighbor tried to hold Sarah, who stuck out her lower lip and glared at him the entire time. He switched me for Allison. Sarah watched Allison being held by this stranger, and started to cry -- she was so worried about it. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in her head. She is so loving toward Allison. Later on, I was feeding them Cheerios in Relief Society. Sarah picked one up and put it in Allison's mouth, and Allison smiled at her.

Yesterday, they were rolling around in their crib and wrestling before their nap. Sarah had managed to wiggle out of her clothes, and Allison was patting and tickling her naked tummy. Sarah was giggling. Then Allison leaned over and bit her! I don't think she even realized what she'd done, but Sarah sure had. I separated them after comforting Sarah and putting her clothes back on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Yesterday, DH took the day off work and we all went to Lagoon, an amusement park north of Salt Lake. We had a fabulous time, and I was impressed with the children's behavior. Despite walking all over (we brought the double stroller instead of the triple) and being hot and tired, there were no complaints and no meltdowns. They had a great time going on all the little kids' rides and some big rides too. Lillian had one sad experience on a Mousetrap ride, when her sunglasses flew off as the roller coaster turned a corner. I took the three big kids on the Rattlesnake Rapids ride, and I was surprised that even Lillian was brave enough to go on it. Michael cried about how scared he was right up until the moment the ride left the platform, then he had a great time. Joey got the most wet and was thrilled by it, and I was a close second.

We also spent a few hours in Lagoon-a-Beach, much to Sarah & Allison's delight. They had one pool where the water was up to the babes' waists, so we spent most of our time there while the kids went on nearby slides. Sarah held tight to me in the wading pool at first, but gradually ventured out a short distance away. Allison, true to form, left me immediately and even put her head under the water a few times trying to swim (I had to remind her "You can't breathe under water, babes" when she came up sputtering.)

I also ran into a friend I'd met on an online Twins forum -- visiting her family from Chicago. We didn't have a long time to chat, but I did get a chance to see her four boys in person. What are the chances?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pictures from the week

Each week I send a few pictures to my parents and my in-laws. Since I've figured out how to post some here, I think I'll choose two or three each week to share.

I simply love this photo of my daughters. Lillian is such a nurturing little soul, and Sarah & Allison adore her. I love living close to the river; it is so peaceful and beautiful.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Moments of Joy

Transitions. I went for another walk with the twins in the stroller this evening. They are transitioning from two naps to one, which means I never know what to predict with their sleeping, and these nightly walks are becoming quite regular. If they take one nap, they go to sleep around 7 p.m., their normal bedtime. If they take two, they go to "play" at 7 p.m., their normal bedtime. They giggle and jump around and play with the blankets and each other, until giggles turn to demands that mommy get them up. I usually give in and take them for a walk.

I was thinking tonight as I walked about the tiny moments that bring me joy. It's amazing how much the little things really matter, and small moments touch eternity. My exuberance over Sarah's learning to walk, or Lillian searching the park for a feather for her brother, for instance. Today, I had many such moments.

I love to pat and rub my children's hair as a show of affection. I often rub the babies' heads when I'm nursing them, and they really enjoy it. This morning, I was nursing the gals. Allison finished first and rolled over to look around. She looked down at Sarah, smiled, and began rubbing Sarah's head. I was touched at the show of affection between them.

Then, tonight, I held the twins while DH got out the stroller for our walk. As soon as Sarah saw the stroller, she giggled with excitement and anticipation, the same giggle they both use when it's time to nurse. It was nice for me to see how much our walks meant to her.

Hurray! I think I've figured this out, though I did have to do it the "long way." Above is first my new Allison's Joy collection, featuring the Princess Sarah Kit, the Cream & Sugar Kit, and the A Charming Girl kit, plus 7 Easy Pages or Scraplets, all exclusive to ThreeScrapateers. Each kit is also sold separately.

Next is my new kit "A Taste of Summer." I'm so excited to work with the fun colors there.


Busy Saturday, as usual. DH was up at 4 a.m. putting some finish on some desks he's making for our family room, then he went to the gym for his morning run. He and his friend stopped by Walmart and picked up Harry Potter afterwards, so we're fighting over turns to read it. I walked into the bedroom this afternoon to find him reading towards the end of the book! He was skipping ahead to see what would happen! Scandolous, I know. Luckily, he's good enough not to tell me what's happening.

We got a ton of work done this morning. I mowed the lawn (my exercise for the day, and one of my favorite jobs), and DH put the finish on all the desk's cabinets, plus we vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, folded all the laundry, and cleaned up everywhere.

Last night we had a great time with some friends who came over to beat the heat at their swamp-cooler cooled apartment. We had dinner, then our husbands took the older kids to the local pool, only to find out it closed early on Fridays. So they came home and played in the river and the backyard wading pool. I really enjoy being with my friend Rachel, she always inspires me to be a better mother and we always talk about meaningful things.

After our friends left, I took a walk with Sarah & Allison in the stroller for about 30 minutes. On my way home, our elderly neighbors were out on their porch, so I had a fun visit with them. The woman is so positive and cheerful and said such nice things about me and my kids; it made my day. We also chatted about some of our Church leaders. I told her I'd read a great talk recently by Elder Dallin H. Oaks (,4945,538-1-3100-1,00.html) where he talks about writing all his talks on a manual typewriter. He had a funny experience trying to purchase one recently, because no one knew what he was talking about. My neighbor thought that was great, because that's just like them; they don't do computers either.

I stayed up a little late submitting three new kits, bunches of pre-made pages, and my kit "collection," and they 're up in the store now. I wanted to include a preview here because I think they are all SO cute and fun, but I'm having trouble getting pictures attached on my blog. Grrr. If I get it figured out later, I'll try to post it.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I've been busy as usual! On Monday night, my exercise was a 45 minute walk with the babies in the double stroller.

Tuesday afternoon, a new friend brought her kids over for an afternoon of swimming in our wading pool and the river. She just moved into our neighborhood and her 3 kids are very close in age to my younger 4. It was fun to talk with her, and we found we had much in common, including not allowing our little girls to play with Barbies. =)

Wednesday was library day as usual.

Yesterday, we went swimming in the backyard again. I brought the babies down to the river, too, though they mostly just clung to me rather than wading.

I finished up my "A Taste of Summer" kit last night and uploaded it to 3S, so it should be up in a few days. I decided not to include it in my Collection of Feminine kits, because it didn't really fit the theme with the other kits. And I decided to do a collection of just 3 kits, along with some pre-made pages. I'm almost ready to go with it -- decided to name it Allison's Joy in Allison's honor.

This morning, I took all the kids to the park. Lillian found a large duck feather when we got there, then we played. After a while, Joey and Lillian began wandering around the park. I figured they were just exploring or playing a pretend game, but I found out differently when we went to leave. Joey came up with a pinecone and said sadly, "this is the only treasure I found. It's not a very good treasure," and Lillian was holding her feather. I told Joey that feathers are awfully hard to find. Lillian piped up and said, "We know, we even tried chasing the birds but we didn't find any." I was touched that Lillian had spent so much time with Joey trying to help him find a feather like hers.

One more note -- Sarah & Allison are in love with our cat. They have started saying their first words, and for both of them, it is "tee" "tee" for kitty. They look around for her when they wake up from their nap (they share a room with Lillian, and the cat sleeps there every night). They giggle and shriek and "talk" up a storm when they find her. They pat her and poke her and have a great time. Luckily Zoe is patient and puts up with it, even purring for them when they're being reasonably gentle.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Family Home Evening

Busy day today. I took the children to the park and worked with Lillian on learning to ride without training wheels on her bike. She and Joey rode their bikes over while Michael stood up between the seats in the double stroller; our new arrangement when he wants to ride and I don't get out the triple. It was a little frustrating teaching Lillian. She spent the entire time worrying more about if I would let go than she did about balancing. I promised her I wouldn't let go, that I would either hold her or the bike the whole time, and that's what I did. Towards the end, I was mostly holding on her back while she rode, and she was getting better, but I think it will take a little longer before she's got it.

Tonight was our family home evening. After Michael led us in a song he made up called "I like cheese things," and Joey led us in "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam," DH gave a great lesson about nutrition, and it was a great success. He brought out a ton of foods and asked the kids to help him name which was bad, then which was good. When he asked Michael to choose something good, Michael ran up and grabbed a can of soda pop and said, "this is good for me!" DH then pointed out that none of the foods were bad, but that too much of many of the foods is bad. He explained about energy and vitamins and the kids were really getting it; all except for Michael. When asked what we should eat a lot of, Joey & Lillian said tomatoes and milk and apples and bread. Michael grabbed a package of M&Ms and said, "I eat lots of M's! They good for me."

After the lesson, Lillian led us in an activity of the pillow game, where we pretend to be different animals. Sarah & Allison LOVED it -- they giggled and shrieked and laughed the entire time.

I finished up my "Taste of Summer" kit today. I just have one kit left to go before I get the CD collection finished. Perhaps I'll start that later tonight; or I might read the last Harry Potter book if I can wrest it away from DH.

Good night, all!

Saturday, July 09, 2005


I'm planning on keeping track of my exercise on this blog, so here goes -- last night was a 30 minute walk with the babies in the stroller, and tonight I walked for 45 minutes.

Saturdays at our house are always family work day for several hours in the morning. DH got several hours of work done in his shop, with first Joey and then Michael helping. Michael hasn't helped much out there, but Joey's been out there since he was 18 months. Michael came in beaming and told me several times how he "helped Daddy." We also got all the windows washed, the laundry folded and put away, and the cleaning and vacumming done. It's amazing how refreshing it is to have clean windows.

This afternoon, we got Sarah & Allison's one year pictures taken at JC Penney. True to form, they were not interested in smiling for a strange woman with a camera. Allison wailed a lot, and Sarah followed her lead. Despite all that, we ended up with some decent pictures. I had to hold them with a blanket covering me, but you'd never know that from the pictures! Lillian helped a lot, taking care of the baby who wasn't posing, as well as getting them to smile. For her help, she got to go with Daddy to Costco and get berry smoothies and look at lawn mowers.

I'm working on putting together a CD collection of five new feminine kits. I've finished with 3 of them, and I'm working on the other two. I really hope to finish up by mid next week, but we'll see. The one I'm working on now is "A Taste of Summer" and I'm having lots of fun drawing popsicles and watermelons.

Friday, July 08, 2005

One Year Check Up

Ok, so now that all the intro "purpose of this" stuff is over, here's my first entry, a portion of my journal from last night:

Journal, July 7, 2005
On Tuesday, Sarah & Allison had their one year well-baby check-up. They weighed in small, as usual, Allison at the 3rd percentile and Sarah “under the third percentile.” I asked about Allison walking while Sarah doesn’t and he said to give it another month or so before worrying. I told him I wasn’t too concerned because Sarah wasn’t even trying. I would be more worried if Sarah were trying to walk and couldn’t. The best part about the visit was the empathy displayed by both girls. They both screamed during the weigh-in, then settled in happily to play while we waited for the doctor. When he arrived, I picked up Allison and he approached her. Sarah was a few yards away on the floor and started wailing the minute the doctor touched Allison. Later, Sarah was on my lap while the nurse prepared to give her a shot. Allison was on the floor a little distance away and began wailing as soon as the nurse approached Sarah. I was touched to see them so aware of one another. Whether it was true empathy or a simple calculation that “I’m next,” I don’t know, but I like to think the former.

I’m determined to exercise again. I’ve been doing so much design work in my spare time that exercise has become a second thought. I was doing well, exercising about 3 or 4 days a week up until about 3 months ago, and I’ve fallen off since. Last week, I tried exercising in the morning during Sarah & Allison’s nap, but it just wasn’t working. So many things happen in the morning and the kids are constantly needing something. So I’m back to evenings. On Tuesday, I did Totally Cool Step for 30 minutes, then yoga for 12. Last night, I went for a long walk – 75 minutes at a brisk pace.

Tonight, Sarah walked! She let go, giggled, then got a gleam in her eye and took two steps straight toward me. She did this several times and I was delighted! The neatest part about it was the real decision it took on her part. She knew exactly what she was going to do and then did it. She was so proud of herself, and so aware of what she was doing.

I also noticed another tooth in Allison’s mouth tonight – making three on top and two on bottom for her. Sarah still has just the two on bottom, though two more are starting to break through on top. I’m curious why the difference. Allison has been about a month ahead on getting all of her teeth.

Tonight, Lillian and I were talking on the walk to her violin lessons about Joey. She was saying, “All he ever thinks about is Star Wars and transformers.” I laughed and agreed at first, but then I felt to point out to her that it wasn’t actually true. Joey is often thinking of others. He gives me nice hugs and compliments, and he is very thoughtful of Lillian.

She’s been going to an art class at the library while the rest of us attend storytime and get books and videos. Joey is always looking for movies to get that Lillian will like, whether it’s princess movies or, like this week, “Hello Kitty.” Yesterday, we discovered our slip-n-slide was broken. I told the children we’d have to go to the store and buy a new one. Joey said, “Mommy, if they have a princess one, let’s buy it because Lillian would really like that one.”

Starting a Blog

Well, I took the plunge. I've officially started a blog. But now I'm staring at the screen wondering what to write. I've been keeping a journal in Word for several months now, including emails I've sent to grandparents, cute stories about the children, and other things. I think I'll start tonight by sharing some of that. I intend this blog to be a place where I can share a portion of my life with my friends and family. I will probably include previews about some of the digital scrapbook kits I'm working on, perhaps some of my favorite scrapbook pages, but mostly I hope to fill this blog with the uplifting parts of my life and a reflection on my blessings.

As a wife and a mother to five young children, life moves so fast and what seems a constant one day is a distant memory the next. I hope my writing can preserve some of life's details -- the fact that Allison has 5 teeth while Sarah has just 2 right now, for instance, or the cute thing Joey said this morning. Those of you who have seen my scrapbook pages know I include a lot of journaling in them. I hope this blog can be a place where I record the things that happen and will eventually make their way into my pages. Of course, there will always be more personal & private things in my life that wouldn't be appropriate to share in a setting like this, but much of my life can be shared, and here's a way to do it. So enjoy!


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