Wednesday, August 23, 2017

One a Day: April 2017

Beautiful quilt Grandma made for Katie

Love general conference time!

This picture makes me happy and has been my desktop background for several months.

Sarah has been in sole charge of the garden this year.  She dug it out, planted it, and has been cultivating some beautiful plants.

Loads of mulch to spread for spring break

Rockhounding with some friends for Spring Break

More mulching

This is the first year since 2011 I haven't run a half marathon.  I DID do my first triathlon, though, and it was awesome!

Saying goodbye to a lizard we caught in the desert

Michael and Benji

Getting ready for a photo shoot

Benji loves our neighbor's cat.

I love spring.

Baby strawberry plants

Lillian's prom group

Joey's prom group

More rockhounding, this time for fossils


This stuffed animal was a visitor from school -- each child takes it home for a day and then writes about what it got to do.  Katie wanted proof that we have a slide in our house, so we took this picture.

Morning hair time.  Last year, I bought a little travel bag I use as a "hair kit."  It has a spray water bottle, a comb and a brush in the main pocket (the brush is actually tied to the zipper with a shoelace, since the kids kept walking off with it), and pouches for hair ties and bobby pins.  It has been awesome.  Benji always lines up and plops down in front of me for his turn.

Saturday lunch date

Happy 20th anniversary to us!


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