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Come Listen! (Friday Favorites)

Tomorrow and Sunday we will be blessed to hear from living prophets! One of my favorite weekends of the year, it promises to be a spiritual feast.

Please join us!

Is she cute or what? (Wordless Wednesday)

Six weeks old as of yesterday! She's interacting with us, cooing and smiling and showing us her bright blue eyes.

I can't get enough of these bright blue eyes.

We're all in love with her.

The Ninth

Harmony and Eliza are at playgroup and I'm sitting here with Katie dancing on my lap -- she's watching this:

Cami's asleep and it's quiet. I wish I had something profound to say, but the lack of sleep is keeping my profundity at bay. Between 10 and 12, my brain runs at about half capacity. I get a great boost from an almost-daily nap and then drag again in the late afternoon for a few hours. Other than that, though, I'm functioning well. I keep up with my chores, the children do theirs and our home runs smoothly. Cami's a sweet baby who is easy to soothe and loves to be held. There are plenty of arms willing to accommodate her, especially my own.

I shared in our Relief Society meeting on Sunday that I feel like as a mother of nine, I get a front-row seat in understanding God's love for his children. I know that outside our family, it's easy to look at us and see "just another baby" or "ANOTHER girl," to add to "all those…

94-Year-Old Inspiration (Friday Favorites)

This woman is awesome.

Love these (Wordless Wednesday)

the kids and the pictures.

An absolute must-read (Friday Favorites)


California Daddy Trip (Wordless Wednesday)

When Cami was eleven days old, DH took the six oldest kids to California for eight lovely days. I stayed home with Harmony, Katie, and Cami and thoroughly enjoyed a restful week. It's interesting how life with lots of kids changes your capacity and your perspective. I think if DH had proposed leaving me alone with three kids just after our third was born, I would have taken off his head. But this trip was taken with my consent and encouragement.

DH saw to it that the house was clean before he left, and it stayed that way. I ran the dishwasher twice and enjoyed the break from my regular responsibilities.

The main reason for the trip was to visit my husband's grandma, who was celebrating her 90th birthday:
but they also spent a generous amount of time at the beach:

Katie told me at least ten times a day, "Daddy gone. Daddy gone." The homecoming was so sweet, as she and Harmony gave all their siblings and their dad a hero's welcome. Here's Harmony talking to…

Q&A Thursday: How can you do this NINE times?

Today's question:

I'm in the third trimester of my third pregnancy and while things are going well, I'm absolutely miserable. I feel like I can barely walk around. Each pregnancy has gotten harder for me and I just don't know if I can ever do this again. How in the world have you been able to do this nine* times?First, let me tell you that I sympathize with you. I felt the same way during my third pregnancy, and each one has been miserable in its own way (though there are three months in the middle of each one that are simply wonderful). Pregnancy is exhausting and emotionally trying. As mortals, we all want to avoid that which makes us miserable, and it takes a good bit of faith and courage to face pregnancy again, knowing just how hard it can be.

This is a question I've gotten a lot over the years. I think some people are simply hoping that I'll say something like, "Oh, pregnancy? It's just a walk in the park for me; THAT'S my secret."…

Three Weeks Old (Wordless Wednesday)

It's amazing how much faster a week passes AFTER the baby's born and that awful pregnancy stage is over.

I feel wonderful. The weather's warming up. I've been running twice. I'm taking it slow and doing intervals, but still -- running! It feels great! Camilla's doing well. Her sleep at night isn't great, and four nights in a row, she was awake for an hour around 2 a.m., but otherwise, she's perfect. She gave me her first social smile on Monday; she's got a great pleasant personality, and we all adore her.