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What I've been up to (instead of blogging)

1.  First things first, I suppose.  Two weeks ago, we told our kids we had some news.   And then we showed them this video from 2015:

The kids were very, very excited.  As are we.  Bartholomew baby #11 is due October 15th and blood tests show it is a boy!  Since Benji follows six girls in a row and is 3.5 years younger than Cami, we are especially excited that he will have a little buddy.  The kid is the center of everything around here, everyone's favorite, and almost never has to share or wait.  This new little baby will be good for him. And, since I don't turn 40 until November, I get to have all my kids in my 20s and 30s.  ;)

I have felt more nausea than last time, unfortunately, especially in the afternoons and evenings. I've also dealt with pregnancy-induced allergies, which has meant I've been congested for months. I think the congestion is likely why the anti-nausea medicine Diclegis didn't work this time like it did during my last pregnancy. But I'm a…