Thursday, August 02, 2007


My friend Carol says I should update my blog. I have neglected this thing for a long time, haven't I? Life has been unusually busy. Starting in January, I began taking care of my husband's grandmother. I would go each evening to her assisted living facility and talk with her and then help her get ready for bed. I really enjoyed the service and it continued until June 30th, when she fell and broke her hip just a few days before her only son was to return home from a three-year mission in Armenia. She's now in a rehabilitation facility and DH's dad is in charge of her care again. I still visit regularly, but not on a daily basis.

In April, DH & I took our second child, Joseph (6) and Eliza, who was 6 months at the time, on a trip around the world to visit DH's parents in Armenia. It was a fabulous trip, though hard for me to leave the other four kids at home. My brother & his wife stayed with them.

I've not had as much time for designing, but I fit in what I can when I can. I still enjoy it a lot. I recently took all my layouts from 2005 and turned them into a hardbound book through It turned out so well I did the same for 2006.

This summer, I've been having lots of fun with the kids. I started them on a new chore program where they earn tickets for doing their regular chores, tickets which can be exchanged for computer game time, television, and afternoon activities. It's been a good system, kept us organized, and also given us lots of fun things to do. I've planned activities for most days of the week so no one has been bored. Mondays, we go to our local pool, Tuesdays, DH comes home early from work early (when he can) and goes somewhere fun with us. Wednesdays is open, Thursdays we head to Thanksgiving Point, where we have a membership to visit the dinosaur museum, the farm, or the gardens. Fridays we try to have friends over.

I can't believe it's August already! I've really got to start figuring out our fall schedule, checking on what clothes the kids need, and organizing a playgroup for the twins. Wish me luck. Hopefully you'll hear more often from me in this blog.


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