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Worth a look ~ 4 sets of twins, why ostriches stick their heads in the sand, and sinking ships

Do I ever feel guilty about not "using" my college education?  This article was EXCELLENT on the topic of motherhood and careers, especially for those who have yet to choose a major or a college.  Planning ahead for more family-friendly professions and considering your debt load is definitely important.  I especially appreciated the many, many good comments that weigh in on different careers and experiences.

Why we might actually WANT to keep our heads in the sand

A 90-year-old mom talks about her nine kids, including four sets of twins and how parenting has changed (via Clover Lane)

Super fun: So Funny:  7 Quick Takes about Trashy Obsessions

I love this mash-up of classical classics:

(via Like Mother, Like Daughter)
Inspiring:This week's sacrament:
"From the outside, it's just a piece of bread and tiny cup of water. In the hospital, of course, it's also a short visit from kind strangers, but a swallow of bread and a sip of water seem lik…

One a Day 2016, Weeks 1-3

I decided to go for another year of one-a-days, and since I was already mostly in the habit, it's been fun to continue it.  I keep wanting to take some time to write more for this blog (I think I still have a few readers), but it's just not happening right now.  Benji's gotten into the rotten habit of waking up every two or three hours at night and though we've persuaded him to take a pacifier instead of eating except at 2 and 5 a.m., it's still exhausting for me.  We spent a week enjoying the warmer weather in California this month and now that we're back, perhaps we can influence him into better sleep habits.

What I Read and Why, Plus Favorites from 2015

I read 42 books in 2015, which is quite a few more than I read the year before -- I blame pregnancy and nursing for the increase.  Goodreads sent me an email to tell me about my reading last year, complete with graphics that showed which book was the most popular of what I'd read (The Graveyard Book) and which was the least (Barefoot to Billionaire).  

Looking over the books was interesting.  Last year, I read a lot more fiction than I usually do, some of it on audiobook while I ran or tackled projects around the house, others on my kindle while I endured the last few months of pregnancy.  The Emporer's Soul, Elantris and Still Alice were my highest rated fiction books.

But nonfiction is my true love and has been ever since I was a young mom and realized my book addiction was interfering with my parenting.  I loved to read and while that was mostly good, the fact that I would get so engrossed in a story that I would stay up until the wee hours to finish "just one more c…

My Ten Favorite Landscape Photos from 2015

With the help of my Facebook friends, I narrowed down this year's favorite landscapes from 30 to 10, then I arranged them in order of which ones I like best. For Christmas, my husband paid for me to get a dozen large canvases of my work, and many of these now grace my walls.
(Last year's favorites are here)
#1  Haven, Provo City Center Temple
#2  Shorebreak, Maui (this one hangs above my bed now)
#3  Aspens, Nebo Loop (This one is hanging in my great room)
#4 Sunset on top of the world, Maui
#5  Frozen Shoreline, Utah Lake
#6  Stone Cathedral, Arches National Park
#7 Moving Water, Maui
#8  Leaning In, Maui

#9  Burst of Yellow, Nebo Loop

#10  Night Falls, Utah Lake

I'd love to know which ones are your favorites!

Worth a Look ~ Provo City Center Temple Photo, Ann Romney, Waffle Love, and More

*  With a lot of trepidation, I have waded into the realm of selling my landscape photography.  Up until this point, I have felt like I lacked the time, and I have simply given away my work.  I will probably continue to do a lot of that, but since I've gotten about a dozen requests for my landscapes from friends, family, and strangers in the past year and I decided it was time.

As I'm still short on time, I've decided that rather than sell prints and canvases, I will offer my landscapes for sale in digital form. I have only a few ready for now, which can be found at this link.

Every few weeks, when I add more, I will post a link here along with a discount for my family and friends, and those who are kind enough to read my blog.

I have started with some of my favorite temple images, and in honor of the Provo City Center Open House, I am offering this photo, entitled Haven, for 75% off (with a social media share) until March 30th. 

*  This TED talk is seriously amazing!


2015's One-a-Day project All-in-One

I ended up the year with 331 photos in my Lightroom One-a-Day folder.  That's about 90% of the year.  Not bad for a busy mom of ten.  I have so enjoyed this challenge.  There were many days when I just grabbed a safe or ugly shot just to do it, some days I had to pull a photo from my phone, and some days I just plain forgot to take a photo.  Yet there were many other days where I saw sweet moments around me that I would otherwise not have captured on camera.  It's given me a reason to persuade some of my most camera-wary children to let me take their photo ("but I need it for my one-a-day!").  It has helped me watch for and appreciate the joy and blessings in my life.
It's also been a good exercise for me, as I searched through each day's photos to decide which one was that day's best, to discover what I really like most in photos.  Three themes emerged for me:  Expression, Humor, and Interaction.  My favorite photos from the year had at least two of the…