Friday, January 08, 2016

Worth a Look ~ Provo City Center Temple Photo, Ann Romney, Waffle Love, and More

*  With a lot of trepidation, I have waded into the realm of selling my landscape photography.  Up until this point, I have felt like I lacked the time, and I have simply given away my work.  I will probably continue to do a lot of that, but since I've gotten about a dozen requests for my landscapes from friends, family, and strangers in the past year and I decided it was time.

As I'm still short on time, I've decided that rather than sell prints and canvases, I will offer my landscapes for sale in digital form. I have only a few ready for now, which can be found at this link.

Every few weeks, when I add more, I will post a link here along with a discount for my family and friends, and those who are kind enough to read my blog.

I have started with some of my favorite temple images, and in honor of the Provo City Center Open House, I am offering this photo, entitled Haven, for 75% off (with a social media share) until March 30th

Haven, Provo City Center Temple
Buy now

*  This TED talk is seriously amazing!

*  Ann Romney:  Being a Mom was my Job

I was the last person scheduled to speak. As the five people who spoke before me explained how and why they had chosen their high-paying occupations, I didn’t move. When Mitt finished, the audience applauded politely. Then it was my turn.
“I could have done a lot of different things,” I began. “But I didn’t. Instead I became a wife and a mother.” I turned and pointed at Mitt. “And, by the way, my job’s more important than his, because what I’m doing lasts a lot longer than what he’s doing.” I channeled all my energy into that speech. I hadn’t realized just how long I’d been waiting to say these things, and they flowed out of me. 
Being a wife and a mother is a complex and physically challenging job, I said. Not only that, it’s a lot more difficult than an office job, because it consumes twenty-four hours of every day with no time off. Once I got rolling I didn’t hold back. Every child is unique, I continued. Every child is his or her own person, with needs and wants, and no handbook could possibly provide all the information and advice I needed to be a doctor and a nurse, a psychologist, a teacher and a speech therapist, a consultant, a coach, a caregiver, sometimes a boss, and always a friend.
Beautiful version of Amazing Grace!

*  We are absolutely addicted to Waffle Love copycat waffles using this recipe.  And yes, the Belgian sugar pearls are a must.

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