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One a Day: January 2017

I'm a just a little behind in posting these.  :)

Worth a Look: Inspiring Art and Overcoming Overwhelm

Inspiring *  I love this Korean artist, Yongsung Kim!  Here's an article about him.

This painting is my new favorite:

This cute 3 year old is so sweet, and the message of the song is wonderful:

On Motherhood:Conception
"Sure, I realize that all my petty annoyances are lame and reveal deep character flaws. Sometimes when I'm really frustrated about something I imagine myself saying it, aloud, to one of my pioneer ancestors."I hate it how I have to button this dress to get it to stay on the hanger.""I'm mad because my week calendar comes up by default instead of my month calendar.""I am frustrated because the peanut butter is hard to stir.""These oven mitts make it really hard to grab the edges of the bread pan.""I'm annoyed that the car air conditioning keeps making my hair tickle my face."There is nothing like the horror and embarrassment I feel, imagining these little tête-à-têtes, to give me a little perspective!…

The Bahamas, the Everglades, and the Florida Keys

For our 20th Anniversary, we decided to explore an area of the world we've never been to before.  We went on our first cruise, to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean, and then rented a car and explored the Everglades and the Florida Keys. We had a great time and it was fascinating to learn more about the wildlife and plants of some new areas.  If you ask my husband, who grew up in California and loves the ocean, the best part was being on the water so much.
Is Cruising Really For Me?
I wondered before we went if we would really enjoy a cruise. We tend to dislike crowds and most of our trips consist of doing our own research and then seeking out the most appealing and interesting adventures whereever we go (all right, so when I say, "our own" research,usually it consists of ME reading the internet and a guidebook and then my husband saying, "Where to next?" while on our trip).  And we love to find new and different places to eat, with some help from yelp.  But the cr…