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Scrapbook-Elements is having a sale -- from now until Monday, you can get Frontier Days, Weathered Threads -- Chance of Sunshine, and my Floral Overlay set for a great low price! Check out all my designs here.

House in Progress

As promised, here are some pictures of the house in progress -- they've been bringing in more dirt this week, which is very much needed -- because of the slope of the lot and the floodplain issues, we couldn't dig very deep for the basement.

"The House"

I've turned a corner (at least psychologically). Last night, I told my husband, "I'm going to drive over and check on the house." I was almost to the car before I realized what I'd said -- this was the first time I'd referred to it as a house and not "the lot." And it is truly starting to look like a house -- roof trusses went on last week, and all this week, I've watched framers scramble around like mountain goats getting sheet material put on. I'll post pictures later, but it's been amazing how fast it all has gone. We missed the crane, as it came on Friday when we were out of town, but it certainly made an impact seeing the trusses up on Saturday when we returned.

School Days

I'm doing pretty well with the packing -- about an average of 1 box a day. I've hit a block with my own scrapping and just don't feel like doing it.

However, I am creating like crazy. Above is my (almost finished) School Days kit. It has been so fun to play with.
We took off for the weekend for a short vacation, but I still managed to get some things done -- above are two more layouts, both using my Animal Attraction kit which can be found at Scrapbook-Elements.

I also finished my Dream Build kit! I already started some layouts using it, and it's going to be so fun!
Dare I post updates every day? In any case, yesterday I got 1 box packed and 1 layout done -- this spring one of my kids using Mish Gasser's April Showers QuickPage set at 1HourScrap. Today, I have yet to pack a box (but I plan on it), but I've got 2 layouts all done but the journaling.

Dream Build Paper Pack

And here's a peek at the paper pack for the kit -- I'm having so much fun with this one.
Yesterday, I got TWO boxes packed and 1 two-page layout done -- shown above. I used my "Beautiful Girl Page Set" available now at Scrapbook-Elements for this layout of Sarah and her little curls.

Today, I packed one box and I finished the backgrounds for my new "Dream Build" kit. I can't wait to finish this one -- it should be great for the millions of photos I've got of the progress on our new home.

Four Weeks . . .

That's about all we've got left before we have to move. We'll be homeless for probably 4 to 6 weeks, but our new house is finally being worked on (see?). It's so exciting to drive by and see the changes -- the framers are working fast. Roof trusses should go on tomorrow or Wednesday. I hope to take the kids over to watch the crane.
In the meantime, we are enjoying our current home as much as possible -- we've been out wading and floating in the river nearly every day for a month. Allison loves the water, but Sarah prefers the safety of the wading pool in the yard.

With four weeks to go, I've set several goals for myself -- besides keeping up with the kids and dressing the babes ten times a day (they are in a stripping stage, and we've had to put packing tape on their diapers to keep from shocking scenes like the one below).
Goal #1 Pack one box a day for the next three weeks. Goal #2 Catch up on my family's scrapbooking. I've been neglecting…