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Spoiled Rotten

Last year, my husband instituted a new family tradition: The Daddy Trip. His itch to see the whole world, or at least the Western United States part, combined with his love of our children, and the dynamics of our family (it's not easy doing some types of trips with infants and toddlers), led us to my favorite part of the year.

Last summer, I was given eleven peaceful, wonderful days with just two children to care for while DH took the rest on a whirlwind trip through California via the Extraterrestrial Highway.

They slept one night in a ratty motel in Rachel, Nevada, where the population believes wholeheartedly in aliens, and the "motel room" was actually a trailer with a shared bathroom whose door didn't close all the way. Not to worry, though, it came with generous amenities, such as the microwave and fridge sitting next to the toilet.

Several of the next few nights were spent camping out in various locations near the Sierra Nevadas. (Don't look too closely a…

Friendship -- Wordless Wednesday

Michael and his friend Anna on the trail to Stewart Falls

Reasons I love my husband

1. He has never, in all ten years of my being a stay-at-home mom, come home and said, "What did you do all day?"

2. He gets mad when people suggest he's "babysitting" the kids when I'm not around. "I'm their FATHER -- it's called being a dad."

3. His favorite hobby is traveling with his kids. Last year, he started the "Daddy Trip" tradition, taking four of our oldest children on a trip to see the Oldest Trees in the World, the Biggest Trees, Area 51, and a dozen things in between. This year, he's at Mount Rushmore with five kids, camping out, hiking, preparing meals, and having the time of his life. Me? I get to stay home with the youngest kids and enjoy some peace, quiet, and time to catch up on some much-needed projects.

4. He likes to cook and does it every weekend and on days when I'm particularly stressed.

5. He doesn't hound me about my faults.

6. He meets with me almost every night (a new tradition starte…

The Desert in Bloom (nearly Wordless Wednesday)

It was hot in Arizona, though the locals told us we were blessed to come during a "cooler week." Every day the temperature reached 100 degrees. We planned well, doing our activities and hiking in the mornings, resting in the afternoons, and swimming in the evenings.

Before we went, I really questioned if I wanted to go hang out in the heat. But afterwards, I'm just so thankful that I didn't miss the desert in bloom. I was amazed everywhere by all the flowers. I hadn’t realized cactus plants could bloom so prolifically or so beautifully. The saguaro blooms were particularly stunning, and even somewhat odd -- many of the blooms made the cactus look like Gumby with gnarly hair.

I also enjoyed the dramatic skies against the desert landscape.

My daughter is a Care Bear

Eliza has decided that she's a Care Bear. And not just any Care Bear: she's Wish Bear. It's been that way for the past week. Before that, she was Funshine Bear for several months. She loves being a Care Bear, watching Care Bears, and playing with her Care Bears.

She protests when I say, "Hey, princess, let's get your shoes on."

Her lower lip thrusts out and she says, "I'm not a princess, I a Care Bear."

A little later, I'll call, "Sweetheart, can you put this away?" "No, I a CARE BEAR!"

Her daddy called encouragement to her on our hike yesterday, saying, "You're doing great, girl!"

"I not a girl, I a CARE BEAR! I'm Wish Bear." This is our cue, for we are all Care Bears too. I choose to be Grumpy Bear (hey, that guy's a genius inventor even if he is slightly crabby). Teasing, DH always chooses to be Grizzle. Sarah is Share Bear, and so on through the family.

Eliza's only need to be …

On top of the world

I started this week absolutely tired and overwhelmed with cleaning up from our trip, getting our house in order, and at the same time determined to start our summer schedule and chores off right. Every room I'd walk into had huge projects needing to be tackled, put away, sorted, organized, or cleaned. It was quite discouraging.

Today, though, and for the last few days, I've been on top of the world. The daily efforts to catch up and make progress have really paid off. My house is clean, the floor is mopped, everything's been vacuumed (well, except the van -- we'll get to that next week), we mowed the lawn, our strawberries and roses are mostly weeded, I swept and sprayed off our back patio, the kids have been doing their chores and I've been keeping up on the housework, and DH cleaned out a good part of the garage. That last one? A huge boost to my sanity. I'm tired, but it's a good, "Look how much we accomplished" tired, and I'm so exci…