Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Arizona Vacation, part 1

Now that I've dug myself out of some of the mess around here, and at least one room in my house is clean, and I'm no longer about to pounce on anyone who uses the "v" word, I'm sure you're dying to hear a blow-by-blow account of our trip.

Things like:

the beautiful drive down,

the sunset view in Page, Arizona the first night

the beautiful Indian ruins at Wupatki,
the beauty of Sunset Crater

how grateful I am for those nifty pull-down DVD screens in our clunker of a van (we watched Care Bears: Big Wish movie at least 3 times, to the delight of three little girls and the groans of 3 older kids. We know the songs by heart now.)

how some of the kids were so rotten at the Challengar Space Center that we considered selling them on Ebay (totally kidding! well, at least about Ebay, we'd probably get more interest on Craigslist.).

how all of the kids were so well-behaved at an Italian pizza restaurant that the server told us they were the best kids he'd ever seen.

the day we had lunch at Costco and created quite a stir, with the people around us staring and nodding their heads counting our children. The lady next to me said it made her so happy to see us, because she'd been so sad about Jon and Kate splitting up and there we were, a happy family. She watched us like we were our own reality show as we tossed hot dogs, churros and pizza at all the kids.

And of course, how we were MUCH more successful at hunting rocks than hunting lizards, despite our best efforts. The rocks ended up in our rock garden, while the lizards are still laughing at us back in Arizona.

There were, of course, many other great memories, including an amazing story involving a blogging friend, but I need to go make dinner for the kids and get some more cleaning done. Stay tuned!

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3in3mom said...

beautiful rock garden! Arizona has plenty of rocks ;0)


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