Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One a Day, Weeks 18-25

Helping Lillian with Teacher Appreciation Posters

Our friends helped us set up a swing in the backyard trees

Happy Birthday Katie!

Kid's Marathon

Mother's Day Photo

Happy 14th!

We had big dreams for our garden this year, but sadly, most of the seeds failed to sprout

FHE "talent"

Preschool Graduation

Early Birthday Party ~ Easier to carry out before summer break

And why not celebrate Harmony's summer birthday the next day while we are at it?

Oldest and youngest

New Fridges ~ 40% more space.

Harmony's giraffe creation

Rockhounding with friends

Favorite Geodes from our rockhunting trip

Picnic at the park

Utah Lake Festival

Hiking near Park City

Fishing at Pass Lake, Mirror Lake Highway

Crafts at the hotel

I got to spend several days with just these five in Park City.

Opening up the last of our geodes

Various flowers from our yard have been on the table since April

These two don't always get along so well, so these moments of friendship and fun are precious!

Our cousins came and brought a ukelele

Joey's largest carp catch ever

LOVE him!


New shelves

A little fuzzy in the focus, but oh, that expressive tongue!

Heading to the pool

Back from girls' camp, tired but happy (and the only one of the three who would let me take her picture).


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