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Grand Opening!

It's our GRAND OPENING sale today -- get lots of freebies & check out our Huge selection of QuickPages & Albums at! The entire store is 20% off until Monday, and you can get an extra 20% off by using the coupon code WELCOME!



Just some cute pictures of my family! We're enjoying the spring weather, and so many things are going on. The footings & foundation for our new house were poured this week, Lillian is going to be wearing glasses (she's thrilled), and of course, our new store is open.

I had my first appointment doctor's appointment this week and things are going well. It's almost certainly ONLY one this time (I had to ask, though because my twins are identical, I don't have any higher chances of having twins again than anyone else).

Michael still wears his cape everywhere he goes, and sometimes adds his "knight helmet" for a final touch. Lillian is becoming quite the cook, only needing me to put things in & out of the oven.

We're Open!

I'm so excited to announce that is open for business. Carol McFarland & I have been hard at work for months getting everything ready, not to mention our FABULOUS Creative Team, who have created over 180 QuickPage sets, just ready for your photos. Scrapbooking was never so easy or so beautiful as when using these fabulous QuickPages! Search for what you want by color, theme, holiday, number of photos, or size! You're sure to find exactly what you're looking for at a reasonable price. Enter in the WELCOME code at checkout to get even more savings! We've also got plenty of BEAUTIFUL FREEBIES for you -- download our FREE FAMILY BRAG BOOK and bookmark the store to come back daily for our FREE DAILY DOWNLOAD of WordArt.

Take That, FlyLady!

I shined my sink this morning, right down to the mild bleach. It's gleaming white and my kitchen is clean, all before 10 a.m. But I absolutely refuse to put on shoes. Nope. Not gonna do it.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you really ought to take flying lessons yourself -- check out I really haven't followed her plan in years, but every time I clean my sink, I think of her. And I still refuse to wear shoes. Barefoot & pregnant, that's me.


Morning sickness is no fun! But I'm surviving & functioning pretty well despite it. We finally got permits for our new house and footings should go in tomorrow. It's been exciting to watch them clear the spot for the house.

I meet with the architect today to make some final adjustments to our plans. It makes me nervous to be making such "final" decisions, but I think we're going to be very happy with things. It's interesting what you think about once you try to visualize furniture in a room. One of the things I'll be changing is moving a doorway 3 or 4 inches to one side, because I measured our piano and it will just fit in the wall space if it's 5'2 inches wide rather than the 4'11 inches it shows up now.

The kids are keeping us busy. We took Joey & Lillian to Arsenic & Old Lace at BYU last Thursday, along with my parents, who were in town. Joey liked parts of it but understood very little. Lillian, who's read a lot m…