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Quick Update on my crazy life . . .

We moved into our house nearly 3 weeks ago, camping out while carpet got laid and a few other final touches got done. Two weeks ago last Saturday, we officially moved in, bringing back loads of stuff from storage. We were blessed to have about 10 men from our new ward (our church congregation) show up to help us. They came at 9 and while about half needed to leave at 11, a lot stayed and helped until we finished at 1. One man was even kind enough to hook up our washer for us, while the others just moved and moved.

Since then, between negotiating the twin battles (2 year old twins are something else, let me tell you), changing diapers and feeding a newborn, I've been unpacking and organizing. DH is making progress on finishing the cabinets, thankfully, though we're still drawerless in the office and kitchen. Hopefully, that will get done this week, though.

The other big project to do has been CLEAN-UP -- tons of paint had to be scraped off the floors, and the bathrooms were…


Just a couple more pictures of our new arrival. I think she's perfect, but I'm a little biased.

Carpet goes in our new house starting tomorrow, and we should move in by the end of the week. I cannot wait!!!!


Just for fun, I pulled up some pictures of my other children as babies, to see the resemblance. I haven't gotten around to scanning in my scrapbooks, where all the good photos of the kids' first weeks are, but you can still see the resemblance in some of these scans.

First is Eliza, at 4 days old.
Next is Lillian, at 4 weeks old:
And here's Michael at 4 days old, with Lillian holding him:
Joey at 1 week old:
And finally, Allison & Sarah at 1 week old:

I should mention that all of my children had dark hair when they were born, but all but Joey are now blondes. So I will watch closely to see if Eliza's hair starts to lighten. =)

Greeting Eliza

For those far away, here's a video of the children greeting Eliza at the hospital -- Allison & Sarah both had tantrums when it wasn't their turn to hold her.

Eliza Joy Bartholomew

She's here! Eliza Joy Bartholomew was born on Monday at 11:30 a.m. -- everything went smoothly with the delivery and I'm recovering fairly well. She weighed in at 7 lbs exactly. She's a beautiful patient baby who is being loved to pieces by her 5 older siblings.

Induction was started at about 9:00 when my water was broken and Pitocin was started. Just 2 1/2 hours later, Eliza arrived!