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Christmas 2009 in Pictures (Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

First a sneek peek at our nativity

Christmas Eve at the Chinese Restuarant --
we've been doing this for YEARS!
The best part? No clean up!

Look at all that food!

Reading from Luke 2

Baby Jesus wouldn't sit still very well.

Notice the shepherd really IS "sore afraid." It was a little past her bedtime.

Baby Jesus was amazingly mobile for a newborn.

The angel of the Lord knew her part perfectly.

And there came wise men from the East.


Santa came! With a rocking chair/trike for Harmony:

Legos and cars for Joey and Michael:
Littlest Pet Shop for Eliza:
I love that my kids get excited about EVERYTHING, even the marbles in their stockings:

Nearly 21 Weeks along -- more than halfway there!


Waiting patiently are Allison,
and Michael (the others are there too).

Christmas Joy

I told my husband yesterday that I feel sorry for older folks who celebrate Christmas morning alone. There is just so much joy, love and excitement in our family that day. Luckily, by the time our kids are raised, we should have plenty of grandkids to celebrate with.

One thing that happens with each new baby in a family is that the relationships grow exponentially. With one child in a family, there's three relationships, the one between the parents and the one between each parent and the child. Add another child, and you have six, adding the one between each parent and the new child plus the one between the two children. With three children, you have ten relationships. With seven children, you have thirty-six relationships going on! (Trust me on this; I had to graph it out to count it. When our baby is born, there will be forty-five!)

And Christmas morning, at least at our house, is all about relationships. The joy of giving and receiving is made more exquisite by watching …

Merry Christmas!

We're headed out for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant in a few hours, we've assigned all the parts for our Pageant this evening, and we've somehow kept Harmony and Eliza from opening the presents under the tree for five whole days.

I hope your Christmas is wonderful!

Lillian the diplomat

Last night, I took Lillian out for some Christmas deliveries. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Won't it be fun to have another little girl? Five little girls!"
Lillian: "Yeah, that will be fun. It will be interesting to see what the new baby is like."
Me: "Well, I hope they all turn out like you."
Lillian: "The twins won't! That's for sure."
Me: "What do you mean by that?"
Lillian: "Well, uh . . . I mean, they're special in their own way."

{Then we talked about how they certainly don't have her talent for organization and knowing where things go, but that it's fun to watch Eliza develop some of that talent. Eliza's been doing 50 and 60 piece puzzles lately, the first one of my children to show an interest and ability in that since Lillian at that age. And we speculated on who Harmony is most like (a combination of the twins' spunkiness and Eliza's peacefulness). We both a…

I was wrong.

And I'm really happy about it. The baby is healthy and beautiful, with two arms, two legs, a beautifully beating heart, and . . .

she is definitely a girl!

We're absolutely thrilled. We just had four girls in four years, and I love having all of them grow up together. Adding one more to their happy group is exciting, and I'm even crossing my fingers hoping number nine is ALSO a girl, just so we can even out the numbers a bit. I'm also a bit relieved. When the twins were born, I had a hard time switching from crooning names like "buddy" and "kiddo" over to "sweatheart" and "princess." I was a bit worried that I'd have the same problem switching back, especially since I've had almost six years of princesses. The bows and frills and pink and purple will get at least one more use, and I won't have to worry about switching out the ponies and dolls for a few more years yet. And I don't mind waiting a bit longer to…

Seven Days until Christmas (Some Thoughts)

Just one more week! We've been enjoying the season here. Monday night we went out to dinner for Family Home Evening, then we did some shopping for other families in need. The kids had donated generously of their own meager allowances to the Christmas fund so we could do it.

As part of Family Home Evening, we talked about why we expect our kids to be well-behaved at restaurants and in public. I said that they are representing our family and our values and also talked about how many people think children are a bother and that families shouldn't have very many of them. "If a small family has two kids acting wild, people look at them and think, 'Look at those rotten kids,'" I pointed out. "But if a large family has two of their kids acting up, then people look and think, 'they have too many kids.' It's not fair, but it happens." We also talked about how we could respond when people ask us questions about our family, as some in the res…

All in a Day's Work (And Other Randomness for Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

I told a friend yesterday that I feel like all my time while the twins are in kindergarten is spent doing housework.

This is what I did today:
It took several hours.

Other days this week have been employed with more fun work, namely shoveling snow off our way-too-big driveway. And to the neighbors who "tsk tsk" about a poor pregnant woman out shoveling, let me say (again) DH is more than willing to do it, but I really like being outside and working like that. I also like mowing the lawn. Is that really so hard to believe?

And in other random news, Allison really likes this hairstyle.
She calls it her "Care Bear ears"

Last week, we hosted a dinner party for DH's work at our home. DH and a co-worker's husband spent hours slaving away making authentic, amazing Mexican cuisine. I cleaned the house and tried to keep it that way. Then I did nice, shiny, festive centerpieces:

Harmony got her first dose of playdough-playing this week.

Eliza enjoyed teaching her how t…