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One a Day, weeks 40 and 41


Quick Takes: Daddy Trip, Home Alone, and (Not) Doing All the Things Edition

1.  Daddy Trip Time.   We love our family tradition of Daddy Trips, where my husband takes a large group of our kids somewhere far away while I stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet and wonder why I didn't appreciate how easy taking care of just three or four kids was back when that was all I had?

Last week, the trip was to Phoenix and included all the kids but Lillian, Joey, Allison, and Benji.  It was originally planned as a family trip, but then Lillian had to take the PSAT and had a retreat, Joey had two football games, and frankly, I didn't much want to have to drive two cars for 10+ hours with a new baby I'd need to stop and nurse every two hours.  So Daddy Trip it was.  Allison stayed home to earn work hours for an upcoming adventure -- she's going to come along on a trip with my husband and I to Hawaii.  She's been diligently working away to earn the 120 hours we required of her to pay for half of her plane ticket, and wanted to do some additional ones t…

Worth a Look

*  This. is. amazing.  Seriously, puts things in perspective -- a seven mile wide scale model of the solar system.   I don't know how to embed a vimeo video, but really, you HAVE to see this.

*  I LOVE the Piano Guys!

And one more, because you can never have enough good music.

* This is beautiful to my mother heart:  What are your plans?
"I also have a hunch, ladies, that maybe you just need to hear someone say, I believe in you. You can do this. Don’t worry about what others expect of you, what they might think of you or say about you if you welcome another child into this world.I’ve been there, too – afraid, unsure, lonely, misunderstood.  I’ve heard the criticisms and condescension, and I’m here to tell you that every little tiny ounce of fear, every unkind word was worth enduring for these little ones!
If you are afraid of welcoming a child or another child into the world, for fear of it being too difficult, please hear me when I say that babies are not the difficult thi…

One a Day, week 39


7 Quick Takes: Dietbet, Football, Conference, and Attention Edition

1.  I won my Dietbet last month!  I lost just enough to get back my $35, plus an extra $12.  I was sorely tempted to decide to take a break, but I know that without a deadline, I'm likely to find all kinds of excuses to put off the weight loss (Halloween, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).  So I signed up for another 4 week, 4% challenge as well as a 6 month 10% challenge.  The 10% one is interesting to me, as it breaks up the weight loss into month-long increments to help you stay on track.  I'm supposed to lose 3% the first month, 3% the second, 2% the third, and all 10% by the 5th month, with one more month of maintenance before the bet ends.

2.  We looked out the back window early last week to discover Joey teaching Cami how to play football.  It wasn't long before there was an audience cheering her on. She got sillier and sillier the more we watched.

3.  We loved watching and listening to General Conference this past weekend, and the kids loved their snacks and…