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The MOM song . . .

Courtesy of my friend Carol -- substitute a few words/situations and you have my life!

For the first time in 5 years . . .

I had a daytime half an hour at the library with just ONE child!!!!!!! I felt like shouting hooray when the twins BOTH went into the storytime room and I turned around with Eliza. There were a lot of other moms around, though, and I'm not sure they would have understood my enthusiasm.

To put it in perspective, here's how many kids I've managed at storytime each week the last few years:

Last year: 4. Michael was old enough for the "big kid" storytime but refused to go. Ever try to bring 4 kids upstairs to the "study area" where all the best non-fiction books are? Needless to say, I didn't get much browsing time for myself:

2 years ago: 3. Michael old enough for storytime, wouldn't go.

3 years ago: 3. Joey would go to the big kid storytime, Michael, Sarah & Allison weren't old enough.

It was so refreshing. I honestly felt free carrying Eliza around. I brought home a dozen books JUST FOR ME -- in fact, I brought home more books for …
What I'm up to:

*My neck in laundry. I do it just once a week all at once, at least 10 loads. I know that's not how you're "supposed" to do it, but that's the only way I can ever feel finished with it. I've tried it other ways, two days a week or one load a day, but it just doesn't work for me.

*Potty-training two strong-willed girls. See last post.

*Yearbook Chair for our K-8 School. I earned this post by signing up for the committee and saying I'd chair it if no one else wanted to. This entitles me to attend those coveted PTA meetings each month. I was so excited when I got 10 people to sign up for the committee. Monday was our first meeting. Attendance: 2. Excitement gone.

*Dealing with a Frustrating School Schedule. The charter school we go to is building a new school (just a block from our house -- hooray!), but because of contruction delays we have to go to the old school (3 miles away -- grrr!). Because there is not room for everyon…

"At least I'm not potty-training a dog, too!"

That's what I thought this morning when I was visiting with a dear friend. She has five children, ages 11 months to 10 years, and recently aquired an adorable little dog named Toto. A few days ago she arrived late to a playdate earlier this week because of vague and unexplained "dog problems." And last night she attended a dog training session with her 10 year old, where she learned all sorts of tips and even picked up a free sample of a wonderful spray that you use when the dog does not use the great outdoors for its bathroom.

Then again, maybe I would have picked up some good tips? I'm working on potty-training the twins, with mostly success this time. I say "this time" because this is about the fourth time I have tried in earnest to train them, and it is a miracle it is finally getting through.

But back to my main point. I've decided that potty-training isn't for wimps (or my DH either, apparently, as he so far has managed to wriggle out of a…