Thursday, September 27, 2007

For the first time in 5 years . . .

I had a daytime half an hour at the library with just ONE child!!!!!!! I felt like shouting hooray when the twins BOTH went into the storytime room and I turned around with Eliza. There were a lot of other moms around, though, and I'm not sure they would have understood my enthusiasm.

To put it in perspective, here's how many kids I've managed at storytime each week the last few years:

Last year: 4. Michael was old enough for the "big kid" storytime but refused to go. Ever try to bring 4 kids upstairs to the "study area" where all the best non-fiction books are? Needless to say, I didn't get much browsing time for myself:

2 years ago: 3. Michael old enough for storytime, wouldn't go.

3 years ago: 3. Joey would go to the big kid storytime, Michael, Sarah & Allison weren't old enough.

It was so refreshing. I honestly felt free carrying Eliza around. I brought home a dozen books JUST FOR ME -- in fact, I brought home more books for me than I did the kids. I could get used to this!

1 comment:

Kacy said...

I love the library--it's like going shopping. Let me know if you read anything good.


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