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One a Day, Week Eight


One a Day, Week Seven


Q&A Tuesday: Favorite Family Vacation Spots

Today's questions is from KB:
I am wondering if you could tell me where your families favorite place to go on a trip is? We are looking at places to go for spring break and summer break and your family seems like they enjoy the same things that ours does. You might be experts in this area! We have 6 kids ranging in age from 14 to 2. We haven't traveled much, so we haven't been to most of the places that you have been. Tell me your top picks. Thank you!  How fun for you to be traveling with your kids!  You are right that we've been a lot of places and I'd love to talk about some of them.  Without knowing budget or time constraints, it's hard to give specific advice, but I'm happy to share our favorites to give you some ideas.  Besides our one favorite spot in California, we really have found fun things to do and see everywhere we've been, so either we're just easy to please, or the Western United States has a lot to offer.  Probably a large part of b…

One a Day, Week Six

I love that an early spring here means we've been outside almost every day.  Playing at the river, in the backyard, and just having a ton of fun.

Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)

On Current Events: Last week, the leaders of my Churchcalled a news conference in support of nondiscrimination AND religious freedom.  Of late, the two values have clashed quite a bit.  I love the call for a middle ground:
Yet today we see new examples of attacks on religious freedom with increasing frequency. Among them are these:In the state of California, two-dozen Christian student groups have been denied recognition because they require their own leaders to share their Christian beliefs. The university system is forcing these groups to compromise their religious conscience if they want recognition for their clubs. Recently in one of America’s largest cities, government lawyers subpoenaed the sermons and notes of pastors who opposed parts of a new law on religious grounds. These pastors faced not only intimidation, but also criminal prosecution for insisting that a new gay rights ordinance should be put to a vote of the people.Several years ago, an Olympic gold-medal gymnast—a Latt…

One a Day, Week Five

I'm really enjoying this project.  I certainly don't get a masterpiece every day, but I'm noticing a lot more of the small, timeless moments happening all around me, and some days, I have a hard time choosing just which photo should make it as that day's one.