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One a Day, October 2017

My absolute favorite month of the entire year!

Favorite Landscape Pictures of 2017

I didn't get out as much in 2017 as I have in years' past -- growing a new human and taking care of the ten I already had engaged more than a little of my time and focus.  But then a Facebook memory came through of my 2016 favorites and I had to go through and see how many new favorites I had from this year.

My Top Fifteen (in no particular order):
This one is a bit of a cheat, as it is not actually my photo -- it was taken by my 13-year-old daughter.  Doesn't she have a great eye?
Utah Mountains and fields.
Spring blossoms!

Little quail are my favorite!
This was a stormy day over at Utah Lake.  I love the colors in the sky and the movement of the grass.

These are some of the first flowers in my garden each spring.  They are only about 3 inches high, but I think they are so 
More flowers from my garden.  Something about the light and the rose by the lavender makes this one of my favorites from the year, despite its simplicity.

This one is a panorama made from three picture…

2017 Top Ten

On our way home from California, we had each child write a list of their favorite memories of 2017. Then for Family Home Evening on the 1st, I compiled them into one list and had the kids mark their favorites.  It was pretty amazing to see just how many things we did in 2017.  The top vote-getters are below.  I started trying to find photos for every event, but then it got a bit tedious.  So Top 10 Moments :1. Gideon was born!  (I don't think there was a single child who didn't choose this one, because what else can compete with a new baby brother?)

2. Michael hanging out with his bathrobe and sword on Sundays

3. McCall Trip and Renting Jet Skis

4. Benji learning new words and becoming obsessed with trucks and “Round and Round,” 

5. Little Girl Daddy Trip with Leeman Caves and Ghost Train

6. Visiting Newport Coast and the Beach for Christmas

7. River Rafting in the Boise and Payette Rivers

8. Going to the Eclipse in Idaho