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First Grade

Lillian started first grade last week. Her teacher is brand-new, enthusiastic, and fun. The biggest excitement, as far as Lillian is concerned, is eating school lunch every day. We packed a lunch for her the first day because we hadn't seen a calendar of what they were serving, but somehow, she ended up eating school lunch anyway ("Mommy, the teacher says we can bring the money tomorrow!" she said). She comes home and tells me EVERYTHING she ate, from the roll to the peas to the chocolate milk. She loves having so many choices, and for a little girl who wouldn't eat ANYTHING a year ago, this is great.

Lillian's also cute because she loves to wear her little knit dresses to school. She wore a dress every day the first week, and nearly every day this week. I'm glad I've got such a lady.

10,000 Leagues

Did you know how you can tell your husband loves you? It's not diamonds or chocolates -- it's 1's & 0's. I'm writing this on my "new" computer! My old one died an untimely death a few weeks ago. DH spent hours (& hours & hours) retrieving my data, troubleshooting, and making sure we got everything off my old machine. He stayed up way past his bedtime. But the ultimate sacrifice? He gave me his machine to use in place of mine. Which means I have a computer at home and he doesn't. Did I mention his is a better machine than mine? And that I'm really, really grateful? My old machine is still under warranty, so we sent it off to the shop to be fixed, and DH will use it when it gets back.

I finished a new kit a few weeks ago. It's named "10,000 Leagues Over the Sea," and was a kit requested by my friend Ilona. She's Dutch and works for a sailmaker and wanted a kit that would work for that. I had a lot of fun with this one an…
See? This is what I'm talking about. :) These little gals get into EVERYTHING. Allison & Sarah followed their brothers out to the backyard yesterday afternoon. I followed a moment later and found Allison sitting in the garden, surrounded by tomatoes she'd picked herself and biting into a nice juicy one. They both love tomatoes; I just wish I could train them not to pick the green ones.

The picture below is the result of their foray into the pasta drawer.

Dynamic Duo

Well, I think we've got the "Dynamic Duo" around here now. It's started already, I'm afraid. This morning I heard what I thought was Michael in the kitchen, getting into the cupboards. I called to him to get out, but he answered from upstairs. Uh oh. I went in to find the twins having a blast. They had opened up a few drawers and found the drawer where I keep the pasta and were surrounded by little bits of spaghetti and macaroni noodles. We cleaned it up together -- Allison even picked up little bits of pasta and handed it to me. Later on, I was with Sarah and some of the other kids when I hear little "pings" in the kitchen. Allison had gotten into our pantry and found a few new toys -- she decided to mix popcorn kernals and whole wheat flour (hey, at least she's healthy), then spilled some of both on the floor.

I don't think I've ever seen anything so sweet as these two babies. Sarah adores Allison, and Allison has been covering Sa…

A Couchful

The kids made me laugh today. We went wading in the river, and I brought the babes out with their bottles (called "boss" around here, courtesy of our last little kid who used one). They love playing on a large rock a little ways from shore. Today, after finishing their bottles, they got their thrills by dropping their bottles into the river and shrieking until Lillian or Joey chased after them and "saved" them. It was a hilarious game. Lillian would hand back the bottle to a baby, who would wait a few moments, then drop it back in again! Lillian & Joey even had a few squabbles over whose turn it was to save the bottles. They finally worked out a compromise -- Lillian would save the purple one, Joey the green one.

This morning, Lillian had an assessment at her school. She's entering first grade in a few weeks with a brand-new teacher (her first year!) and I really want to know where Lillian's at so I can help her be challenged and know where she&#…


This morning DH found the cat in Allison's crib -- evidently, she had hopped in there for attention, which Allison was giving to her in abundance! Allison & Sarah continue to pursue the kitty whenever they can. Sarah is much more gentle than Allison. But the thought occurred to me this morning -- does the kitty know the difference between the two? Do they smell different to her? Just curious.

Speaking of differences, Sarah now has her fifth tooth -- another tooth came in on top. But the interesting thing is that it is on the opposite side of Allison's fifth tooth. It will be interesting to see if there are more mirror-imaging traits that develop. Back when they were crawling, they each crawled with the opposite foot stuck straight out to the side.

Sarah is now walking all the time, and is almost as fast as Allison. They are starting to run in opposite directions and both refuse to sit still in the stroller when we're at the library, which makes for some interesting probl…