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Just a Drive By

I've been neglecting this blog. After catching up from vacation, life has picked up speed. The hours I'm spending running (11 miles total last week, 9.5 the week before, with the longest run being 4 miles) and watching my eating better are paying off (I'm down about 8 lbs!) but it's taking most of whatever "free" time I can cull together. I'm actually finding I don't hate running anymore and while it's challenging to be increasing in intensity, what's most challenging of all is finding the time to do it without interruptions.

I imagine it will only get busier as my runs get longer. Please be patient with me if my blog's a little slow the next ten weeks. I keep starting posts I really want to finish, but life interferes.

I'll leave you with a picture of one of Katie's endearing traits: she sucks on her right hand ring finger. She hasn't had a pacifier since November, and while fingers are a tougher habit to break (I have on…

More from Newport Coast

These are the last; I promise!

We went on a boat tour that got us up close to these guys:

and these guys:

enjoyed lots of tide pool exploration,

saw two whales right off the pier -- what luck! --

went to the small but beautiful Santa Ana zoo,

visited our great-grandma for her birthday

and had many lovely moments like these:

Kid History (Favorites Friday)

I've posted one of these before. Episode 4 is just as funny!

"Please don't talk."

"Hey, behave! I had -- a -- stressful -- day."

Why I love my husband (Wordless Wednesday)

His kids ARE his hobby.
Enough said.

Sad (Friday Not-so-Favorites)

Once again, the pictures say it all:

Massive Earthquake Hits Japan

I've mentioned the Big Picture website before. There's just something about seeing the photos that news stories can't duplicate.

Fitness Goals

At the start of the year, I set a couple of running goals. The first was to run in a 10K on March 12th; the second, to run a half marathon on June 11th.

I did really well with my training. I ran about three days a week, starting with 2 or 2.5 miles, then 3 miles, then 4, and then, a month ago, I ran 5 miles straight for the first time in my life. I was excited about the race and ready to add that last 1.2 miles in. The next day, my treadmill broke. Two repairman visits and one month later, it's finally working again (thank goodness for warranties!), but not in time for the race.

Good luck to my friends who are still running on Saturday!

However, I am determined to get in shape before my next pregnancy. This morning, I got back in the game and ran 2.5 miles. And then, putting my fears and doubts aside, I signed up for this race. I'm in for 13.1 miles of beautiful scenery along the Provo River. I'm in for 12 weeks of intense training. I'm in for a stronger heart a…

Just a few (Wordless Wednesday)

We had a lovely time in Newport Beach last week. I've got tons of photos to finish sorting through, a sticky kitchen floor to mop, a pile of laundry to fold, and dozens of appointments this week. Hopefully, I can tell you more about our trip later. In the meantime, here's a peek at some of the fun we had.

Quick Follow-up

I apologize for those who missed part three of the Finding Balance discussion. I posted it just before we left for a week's vacation and didn't realize it got buried underneath the second part. I've fixed it now.

I also wanted to follow up the discussion about comparisons with a story. A few years ago, an acquaintance talked to me about my blog -- "How in the world do you keep your house so clean?" she asked, "In all your photos, everything is always so neat!"

At first, I was taken aback. I hadn't really posted pictures of my house on my blog back then, just my kids, and yet my friend had peeked into the background of them and concluded that my house must be immaculate.

Was my house clean and organized? Hardly -- at the time I had three-year-old twinadoes, an infant, and I was barely keeping up. I decided to tell my new friend the truth, "I don't keep it that clean -- I just don't take photos of the messes!"

I try to be honest …