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Flooding in our area (CRAZINESS)

Saturday afternoon, a 50-year storm hit our area and caused a ton of damage. The rain was pouring down in sheets, quickly filling up the streets and overloading the drains in the city. Some of my kids and I went outside as our street became a river. The far end of the cul-de-sac had water about 3 feet deep.

My husband went to check out an apartment complex nearby and quickly came back to organize help for them -- people were bailing out buckets of water from their kitchens and living areas. He made some calls, then dashed back with buckets plus Lillian and Allison to help. They, along with a lot of the other men from our ward, went from unit to unit trying to prevent as much damage as possible. Still, the water continued to pour into homes. Many lost belongings, couches, cabinets, and floors. In the end, 45 of the 90 units in this complex were flooded, some with a few inches, others with up to a foot of water.  Here's a picture a friend posted of her husband bailing out th…

All about Shoes (& their Organization)

We've kept all the kids' shoes in our mudroom (near the garage and the front door) for many years.  One bin per child, though Katie and Harmony share.

As you can imagine, my kids aren't so consistent with putting their shoes away in their bins and so for several years, one of the kids has been assigned to straighten the mudroom as their afternoon zone (while others are emptying dishwashers or cleaning the great room).

The problem we've run into is that who-ever is cleaning the mudroom has trouble knowing which shoes belong to who.  With Michael similar in shoe size to my twins and the twins in two different sizes this year, plus the compounding factor of several of the same style shoe belonging to different children (uniforms), we ended up with lots of shoes lost or missing just as we needed to leave for somewhere.  Usually, they'd just been put in the wrong person's bin.

We needed a new idea.
Enter duct tape. Lots and lots of patterned and colored duct tape.