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Christmas 2014 (Wordless Wednesday)

Painting this year's nativity:

Christmas Eve at the Chinese Restaurant:

Christmas Eve Program:

Lined Up and Ready to Rush on Christmas Morning:

10 Tips for Weight Loss

1.  Food counts more than exercise for weight loss.   As much as I am an advocate for exercise, increased exercise usually = increased appetite which = no weight loss.  It is suprisingly easy to eat enough to counteract even the most rigorous of activities. For example, thirty minutes of running burns about 350 calories.  That's equal to about five Oreos or two bags of chips.  And most people who exercise don't run, which burns more calories per hour than most other exercises.  Thirty minutes of weight lifting burns just 100 calories, or 1.5 Oreos.  Walking might burn 116 calories.  Eat one small chocolate chip cookie and that calorie burn is gone.
With numbers like the above, you can see why I believe that the most important thing you can do to lose weight is to track and control your calories.  It's not fun and it's not glamorous, but it makes the biggest difference.  It's also why most of my tips for weight loss in this post will be about food, even though long-…

Q&A Thursday: Body Image & Weight Loss

Today's question is in regards to my post last week about my weight loss.
I am curious about your overall philosophy about weight and body image. I have heard several people (well-known bloggers, included) share strong opinions that, in essence, it doesn't matter how much you weigh; it matters that you love yourself, and it is a bad thing to focus on weight loss and the number of pounds you are or want to be. Personally, I think this is silly, but I can't pinpoint why, and I don't know where my personal opinions even originate. It is possible I simply have given in to "society's" messages of beauty and thin women?
I'm so grateful to be answering this question.  I understand what you are saying.  I've read some blogs of women who are adamant that to even think about losing weight is a betrayal of their body.  I remember one saying something like "I exercise to thank my body, not to change it," which is a nice sentiment, but if you think a…

Loving my Studio! (Wordless Wednesday)

I'm loving having an indoor studio this winter.  It's been so fun to learn more about light and how to shape it and to have so much control of it indoors.  I spent some time last week installing a few background racks and setting up a few more things.  I also bought some paint and hope to paint a few walls some different colors for different looks.
Here's what my studio looks like right now:

And here are some photos I've taken in there in the last week:

Q&A Monday: Which Camera Gear Should I Buy?

Today's question is from Sarah:

 I love your pictures and I'm getting ready to invest in another camera for Christmas. What one(s) do you use?   This is a bit of a tougher question for me to answer without knowing some of your criteria, Sarah.  What are your goals for photography?  Do you simply want better photos of your family and events? Or do you eventually want to learn enough to do portraits for your own family and friends? Are you on a budget?  I'll start out by sharing what I own and then I'll suggest what to buy depending on various goals.  I also want to say that though I shoot Canon and know its lineup of SLRs and lenses pretty well, Nikon is also very well regarded and has similar offerings.

Do you need the best gear?  Learning on what you have
My current set-up, which I've acquired over the 5+ years I've been doing photography, is definitely not for those who are just starting out or on a budget.  Nor is it necessary to get great photos.  I've he…