Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rainy Day in the Canyon (Wordless Wednesday)

One day in late September, I woke up before dawn, woke up Joey and Sarah to join me, and drove up the canyon to get what I hoped would be stunning sunrise photos.

The sky was black, with no moon to help me know if there would be a good sunrise or not.

As we drove, it started to drizzle.  I had hopes that by the time we got to our destination a half hour away, it might clear up and let the sun break through.

But it didn't.  

And though I'd hope for glorious beams of light on the golden leaves 

and beautiful clouds illuminated in shades of pink and purple

I think what I got instead on that drizzly, rainy day

while my son held a towel over me to protect my camera from the rain

was absolutely beautiful.


Amber Gregory said...

I love the way you photograph Utah <3

I've only been there twice (and under unfortunate circumstances both times -- once when my father died, and then again when my grandfather passed away). I only have extended relatives in Utah these days, but the family cemetery is in Herriman, so that's where we all descend when we're grieving.

I keep meaning to go to SLC and surrounding parts for reasons that AREN'T sad, but life has a tendency to get in the way, of course. It's one of the most uniquely beautiful places I've ever visited and I appreciate how you keep tiding me over with such beautiful photos.

This from one photographer to another. :)

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Oh my STARS! Those colors are so breathtaking that they don't even look real! You have such an incredible artistic talent! Thank you for sharing! And the metaphor for life.... for my life right now.... is what I need.

Liz Wheeler said...

Take me home, country roads... These are amazing photos.


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