Eliza's Baptism

Our family has birthdays in clusters -- two or three weeks with several, then months and months with none.  The end of October and early November mark one cluster.  This year Joey turned 14, Eliza turned 8, and I will turn 37 next week.  

Add in Halloween, a half dozen photo sessions, and a family trip, and our October was full of wonderful, happy life.
Cute Eliza, now 8 years old!

And Joey, the king of selfies.  Every time my phone disappears, it turns up with 30 or so of these great images!

Eliza's Baptism

 As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we believe that baptism is an essential part of our progress towards becoming more like Jesus Christ.  It grants us entrance into his kingdom and signifies to God our willingness to follow Him.  We do not baptize our infants for two reasons.  First, we believe that little children are innocent and that they will be saved through the grace of Christ without the need for baptism.  Second, we believe that each person should be old enough to understand and make the choice to be baptized.  We call the age of eight the "age of accountability" and most of my faith get baptized at that age.

Eliza's baptism was on Saturday.  We were blessed to have both sets of grandparents come, as well as my sister and her husband.

Eliza was radiant and beaming.  Cami, who loved the white dress Eliza wore, but didn't quite get the concept, ran up to Eliza after her baptism and squealed, "Ziza!  You get married now?"


Every baptism I've been to has been a sweet experience for me.  When my husband took Eliza into the water and said the words that signified the covenant she was making to follow Jesus, I felt in my heart again a witness from God that these are not empty ceremonies or simple rituals.  It was a sacred moment for me, for Eliza, and for those who came to witness it.

Eliza is a sweet, gentle soul we love and cherish.  


Laura H said…
You two look just soooo lovely! Congratulations on an incredible step.

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