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Monday Musings #5. Still Cold, Still January

*  Though slightly better than last week, it's still cold and miserable here.  Some of my kids are sick and throwing up, which only adds to the sense of claustrophobia while winter is closing in around us.  I'm looking forward to our trip to California in a few weeks.  I even spent some time mapping out a run I want to take along the beach.  Yep, I'm finding my happy place and it's a nine-hour drive away.

On a lighter note, perhaps I should feel sorry for my poor friends in Southern California:

* Much as I try to instill civilization into the minions, at times I feel it might be futile.

Case #1: Yesterday, while helping (i.e. hurrying) one of my daughters into the car before Church, I made the discovery that said daughter had failed to put on any underwear. She tried to deny it but she was marched back inside and ordered to dress appropriately. I wish I could say this was one of my younger children but let's just say she is older than 6.

Case #2: My kids love …

Monday Musings #4

Harmony cut her own hair a few weeks before Christmas, butchering her bangs and cutting much of the hair on her right side.  We've been mostly covering it up for weeks with a large crocheted headband, but our haircutter came last week and tried to make her hair presentable.  
Here's a before:  And here's an after:
*  I am so tired of the cold here.  We had a mild winter last year, so the single-digit temperatures we've endured this past week are jarring.  I drove the kids to school this morning when I checked my phone and found it to be 1 degree.  As my son Michael says, "I just wish it would get in the twenties so we can enjoy the snow." 

*  I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures so I can run outside.  I'm hating the treadmill right now, though I've found that if I do a pre-programmed workout instead of just a run, I endure it better.  Something about the changes in elevation and speed and counting down from 30 minutes rather than counting…

All dressed up and ready for snow (Wordless Wednesday)

I think this is my new favorite picture.  The middle girls were outside playing and I heard Katie in the mudroom getting dressed to go join them.
Scarf . . . check
Boots . . . check
Yep, all ready to go!

Happy New Year

It's 2013 and I'm hoping for a good one. This past year has been one of my toughest and I need a reprieve.

2013 gives me a lot to look forward to.  We'll be heading to California and the beach for a week in February.  Maybe I'll get Katie potty-trained before her third birthday in May.  I hope by June to have hit my goal weight and to be running a marathon.  This summer, we'll go to Park City for a week of hiking and fun.  DH is planning on a trip to the Northwest for his Daddy Trip in July.  Come fall, I'll have seven kids in school, with Harmony starting kindergarten. 

I have several goals for the year, but the highest priority is to get my fitness back in order. One of the worst parts about the hyper-, then hypo-thyroidism I've dealt with for the past six months is that all the progress I made in the spring and early summer disappeared. I lost 30 lbs. after Cami was born in February and was ten pounds away from my goal weight. Then I gained 34…