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Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)

A few links worth your time: Two amazing talks given last week; the first from Elder Dallin H. Oaks at BYU-Idaho: Witnesses of God transcript The whole address is excellent, but his final point, about the need to defend religious liberty, stood out to me: " We should be alert to oppose the potential significance of the fact that some government officials and public policy advocates are describing the First Amendment guarantee of the “free exercise ” of religion as merely “freedom of worship.” But the guarantee of “free exercise” protects the right to come out of our private settings, including churches, synagogues and mosques, to act upon our beliefs, subject only to the legitimate government powers necessary to protect public health, safety and welfare. Free exercise surely protects religious citizens in acting upon their beliefs in public policy debates and in votes cast as citizens or as lawmakers. We should also use our political influence to resist current m

Kitchen Hacks for Large Family Kitchens

Last week, I shared some of my favorite features of my large-family kitchen .  This week, I wanted to mention a few of the kitchen tips and tricks I've found to simplify my kitchen work.   1.  Big fruit bin  (but not big enough).   I go shopping once a week and usually bring home so much fruit that it could fill two of these bins.  One of these days I'll find something bigger.   2.  One thing I do right away is wash all the fruits before they go in the bin.  That way, the kids can have at the fruit whenever they like without me having to remind them to wash the apple first. 3.  Tupperware is standard sized and stored in one pull-out drawer.  Many years ago, we decided it made the most sense to stock up on all the same sizes so they can easily stack and store.  We love these Rubbermaid containers and keep them stacked and ready to go (the square containers on the right we use mostly for making and storing freezer jam).  One part of the pull-out holds the containe

Rub a Dub Dub (Wordless Wednesday)