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Going Wide (Wordless Wednesday)

A few weeks ago, this magical box arrived.  I was surprised, because I'd talked to my husband and had told him I was going to wait until Black Friday to get any new lenses and that I was thinking that as much as I'd love a wider angle for landscape work, it wasn't something I would ever get a return on my investment for like the portrait lenses.  It would be strictly a fun indulgence.

Which, I guess, is what he thought I deserved.

What a sweetheart!
This new lens is a Rokinon 14mm, which is extremely wide -- my previous widest is 24.
It's been fun to play with.

The thing about wide angle lenses is that a lot of people get them thinking of capturing huge vistas.
But actually, the angle is so wide that landscape work with wide angle is really about the foreground.  You might stand in front of an amazing view, but whatever is in the foreground is going to stand out because the perspective makes it so large relative to the background.
So you really need to make sure what …

Creation in the everyday

My friend Jenifer has been writing a series on her blog about the meaning in the everyday tasks of a mother.  I wish I had time to add my own musings to what she has to say, but instead, I leave you with some links and some of my favorite quotes.
I was blessed to meet Jenifer in person a few months ago and she's just as real and genuine in person as on her blog.  You may remember that Jenifer from a guest post she wrote for me a few years ago. Since that time, she has been through a lot.  While pregnant with her eighth child, she had placenta percreta, where the placenta grows outside the uterus, threatening the mother's life.  She chose to sacrifice and risk her own life for that of her son, and in the process almost died.  She's had a long road to recovery, and we're all so grateful she's still alive to share her wisdom about life.

The Value of Making a Home
There is grace in the daily opportunity to nourish again, keep feeding, keep teaching, keep filling. The m…

Friday Favorites: Depression and Suicide Prevention

This brought me to tears and has a message everyone should hear.  Give it a few minutes of your time.  You won't regret it:

My friend Cheryl has written openly and often about her own struggles with depression.  I highly recommend a recent link about how to recognize and get help:

Just Choose to Be Happy

She explains how "just choosing" isn't always an option for someone with mental health issues, then goes on to describe what has helped her.

And another of my favorite bloggers wrote this:

Sitting on the Bench

Suicide touched her son's high school this week and she writes movingly of the effect on the students.

"Most people would heroically step in if they felt like they could prevent a suicide– pull someone off the edge of the bridge, offer CPR, call 911. But are we willing to listen when someone is sad, to mourn with those who mourn, to offer sympathy even when we don’t understand why they are hurting?
Why are we on this swiftly tilting planet? Not to accumula…

Rainy Day in the Canyon (Wordless Wednesday)

One day in late September, I woke up before dawn, woke up Joey and Sarah to join me, and drove up the canyon to get what I hoped would be stunning sunrise photos.
The sky was black, with no moon to help me know if there would be a good sunrise or not.
As we drove, it started to drizzle.  I had hopes that by the time we got to our destination a half hour away, it might clear up and let the sun break through.
But it didn't.  
And though I'd hope for glorious beams of light on the golden leaves 

and beautiful clouds illuminated in shades of pink and purple
I think what I got instead on that drizzly, rainy day
while my son held a towel over me to protect my camera from the rain

was absolutely beautiful.

San Diego Family Trip

We got back on Sunday from a week in California.  It was our first family trip since we sold our big red van over a year ago (remember Clifford?), and that made me a bit nervous.

I haven't regretted selling the van.  With our kids old enough to be left home alone or with a sibling, we rarely take the whole family places where two cars are more than a minor annoyance.  And we've saved a lot on insurance and maintenance (we replaced that battery a whole bunch because it wasn't driven enough), not to mention gas.  Given the gas mileage in our two remaining vehicles -- 22ish and 25ish, as I recall -- it doesn't even cost that much more in gas than the big red van, which got an abysmmal 13.
Still, I was a little nervous about taking two cars on a family trip.  I've been spoiled all these years because my husband is great about driving almost all the time on our trips.  I usually spell him for an hour or so here and there, but otherwise, he's the driver and I'm …