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Notes on Revelation 1-11 "Glory, and Power, Be unto . . . the Lamb for Ever," CFM study for Dec. 9 - 15

About Revelation
This is apocalyptic literature, a specific genre with common patterns, themes, and symbols.  Though we like to think of "apocalypse" now as some sort of horrible disaster, perhaps involving zombies, originally the term just meant "uncovering, or unveiling of something hidden."  Revelation, and some of the most bizarre interpretations of it, is a perfect example of why we need to understand ancient texts in their ancient context.  If someone were to come to you with a story written about elves, dwarves and wizards, it would be familiar to you and you would understand without being told the basic characteristics of the different characters.  You might instinctively start looking for elements like a quest, a fellowship, or a ring of power.  Similarly, an ancient society, raised on the Old Testament and ancient contexts, would have felt a similar sense of familiarity when John presented his visions with heavy number symbolism, various beasts, trumpets,…