One a Day 2018 ~ October through December

Love this picture!

Joey wanted me to bring Gideon to his choir concert.

General Conference Saturday

General Conference Sunday

One year old!

And a bonus from the same day

Joey requested German Chocolate Cake for his birthday

Day of the Dead dance

Happy Twelfth Birthday Eliza!

Sending off a package for Lilian's Christmas


Shoshone Falls

Coloring with Cousins at Grandma's house

Bread-making crew

What happens when you start backing out of the garage before the door is full open

Sleep-overs are rare at our house, so it was a treat for Harmony to have her friend stay with us for a few days

Sarah wrote these names on little scripture bags we gave to the Primary kids in our ward for Christmas

I miss the leaves, but without them, sometimes we can watch stunning sunrises like this one.

Last day of school before Christmas break

Allison defrosted and organized our freezer.

Happy New Year!


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