Friday, June 26, 2015

Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)

A month ago, one of my heroes, L. Tom Perry, died.  I missed watching the Funeral Services since we were in California, so I was glad to find them online.

His Last Conference Address is well worth a look:  Why Marriage and Family Matter

This article matches my feelings on GMOs pretty well -- be sure to check out the links he references too!

Feeding the World with GMOs

In general, people today want things to have easy answers and put everything in categories.  GMOs=Bad is one that way too many believe, when the truth is way more nuanced than that.

10 Fun and Easy Things to Do with Kids This Summer
(I want to try the giant bubbles!)

5 Macro Photography Tips (love the cellophane idea for bokeh!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One a Day, Weeks Twenty-four and Twenty-five

She loves my kindle

Earning work hours by washing out all our cupboards

Headed to the pool

Harmony and Katie with friend Lollie

Seven adorable kids ages nine and under -- I remember those days and am glad to be at my stage instead of my friend's.  :)


Joey can be a great sport

Sarah loves inviting Cami to color and play on her top bunk bed.  Cami came to me crying the other day, "I'm sad.  I need to go on Sarah's bed."  I called Sarah and she made it happen.

Stake 5K (couldn't find Lillian and Allison for this photo)

Happy Father's Day from all seven girls!

Swimming lessons week

Headed off to California to climb Mount Whitney -- good luck!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More California Trip Photos (Wordless Wednesday)

Some of my favorites.  Joey stayed with a friend while we were gone so he could go on a Scout high adventure and it was a bit weird to *only* have eight kids with us.  

I love what the California humidity did to Cami's curls.  They go fairly flat in our dry Utah climate unless I put in gel, but with nothing more than a bit of brushing, her hair was full of boingy curls all week.

One a Day, Weeks Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

We kicked off the summer with a fun, relaxing, and lovely trip to Newport Beach, California.  I missed a couple of days of photos and cleaning up from our trip and getting our summer routine in full swing has swamped me this week.  But it was certainly worth it.

Harmony, Cami, and Eliza at Cove Fort in Southern Utah

Sunset photo by Sarah

Sarah was Cami's partner EVERY time they got in the pool.  She played with her and carried her around for hours and never got tired of it.  Cami has a new best friend.

At the Santa Ana Zoo

Bath time after the day's activities

Why Allison loves the tide pools.  Yes, we let everything go before we leave.

Michael with his amazing Grandma Cain -- 90+, lives alone, reads thick and complex books about all sorts of subjects, does yard work, cooks, quilts, and has a book club and a garden club.  If only we could all age so well.

Rainbow over our beautiful Utah mountains, captured on my cell phone on the drive home.

Summer play time


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