Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One a Day, Weeks Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

We kicked off the summer with a fun, relaxing, and lovely trip to Newport Beach, California.  I missed a couple of days of photos and cleaning up from our trip and getting our summer routine in full swing has swamped me this week.  But it was certainly worth it.

Harmony, Cami, and Eliza at Cove Fort in Southern Utah

Sunset photo by Sarah

Sarah was Cami's partner EVERY time they got in the pool.  She played with her and carried her around for hours and never got tired of it.  Cami has a new best friend.

At the Santa Ana Zoo

Bath time after the day's activities

Why Allison loves the tide pools.  Yes, we let everything go before we leave.

Michael with his amazing Grandma Cain -- 90+, lives alone, reads thick and complex books about all sorts of subjects, does yard work, cooks, quilts, and has a book club and a garden club.  If only we could all age so well.

Rainbow over our beautiful Utah mountains, captured on my cell phone on the drive home.

Summer play time

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