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Q&A Thursday: Managing Church with lots of Little Ones

Today's question come from a reader:
 I wondered if you had any advice on how you handle church and manage your bench with several little ones. I don't know if you've had the experience of doing it alone because of a husband's calling, but I'm in that boat. I'd love any advice or suggestions you have to offer. While my kids are fairly good at Church right now (hoping that continues), it helps a lot that my older ones set a good example for the younger ones and can help entertain the younger ones.  I also am blessed to have my husband there to help me, where other moms' husbands are needed elsewhere.

I put the question to some other LDS moms of many and I got plenty of wonderful suggestions:

Christina (me):  I've found over the years that I prefer simplicity. I'll bring Cheerios only for if the baby gets restless. I bring notebooks and colored pencils (long ago learned that my kids have a compulsion to peel the wrappers off crayons if I bri…

Ragnar Wasatch Back ~ Awesome, Exhausting, FUN!

The Basics
Ragnar is the name for a series of long-distance relay races that are all over the country.  The Wasatch Back was the first one, started ten years ago, and modeled after a similar relay series called Hood to Coast in Oregon.  Teams are comprised of 12 runners who each run 3 legs of the course.  Each team is divided into two vans of six runners each.   Van 1 starts and each of the six runners takes a turn while the van follows the same course, leapfrogging ahead and stopping to cheer their runner on and offering water, fluids and other support along the way.  At exchange points, the runners pass a slap bracelet on to the next runner.   Each runner has three assigned legs, ranging in length from 2 to 12 miles.  After all of van 1's runners have finished, they pass off the slap bracelet to the first runner in van 2.  The first van then has a break while van 2's runners take their turns. When a team is put together, they each put in their 10K race pace.  E…