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Our awesome weekend plans . .

We're so excited for General Conference this weekend. Eight to ten hours of listening to the gospel, learning how to be better people, and (at our house, anyway) gorging ourselves on chocolate and treats. Each kid got to pick their favorites so we've got everything from mint Oreos to beef jerky to coconut kisses. If you'd like to learn more about why we love this weekend so much, these videos explain it well:

Join us in watching, listening, and learning.  Sessions are at 10 and 2 Saturday and Sunday, MST.  They will be broadcast live at this link.

You can also peek at what was said at the women's meeting last Saturday.  I got to be there in Salt Lake with my three oldest and it was a very beautiful meeting.  I love the gospel, I love Jesus Christ and I'm grateful to know so many others who feel as I do about Him.